Medieval Games

Song Description

Fast paced "Acid-fusion" song featuring insane percussion playing, a blistering sax solo and clever lead guitar.

Song Length 3:07 Genre Jazz - Fusion, World - World Beat
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Anxious, Tense Similar Artists Chick Corea, Pink Floyd
Era 2000 and later

I like the fusion of styles, very smooth guitar and synth. The tenor sax solo is the highlight of the tune for me. The lead tone is sweet but cuts through very nicely. Drums are spicy as well. I enjoyed listening to the track!

Really like the "sample & hold/motif" at the intro and used throughout; gives the piece a cool electro-tech seasoning to the more traditional jazz elements (i.e. sax solo). The unison lead line with the guitar is strong and effective; nice melody as well; especially against the pace of the percussion and sample/motif. And the succinctness of the piece is especially effective too. Well done!

What a great groove! This is some fun up-tempo contemporary jazz playing at a high level. Kinda Latin feel rhythmically. Hot sax solo that pushes the groove forward and just a tight recording throughout. Approachable melody compliments the rhythm section. Just some fun stuff.

Cool drum intro. Nice energy when the synth arpeggio starts. Love the James Bond 007 vibe in the melody.

Percussion draws you in right away. Love the 'Trane type sax. Fusion guitar teases - Hey! Where's that solo?? I get it, this is only a foretaste ;) Standing ready to hear more for sure. -- Synth lines drive this thing forward, keep you alert and engaged. Pro mix. Great stuff.

I really liked the energy of the song and the saxophone solo!

Solid Fusion track.

I really like this....great sax player........sort of spy thriller under score

Nice bongos, sweeping synths, lead guitar, drums, bit of Pink Floyd in there, lovely sax,

Exceptional recording quality! The drums and percussion are spectacular, and nearly all the instruments shine on this piece. Just a great listen throughout and a breath of fresh air on Broadjam after hearing so many amateur songs.

Amazing percussion. Shades of Santana. Very nicely performed piece. love every note!

Really cool music!! From my perspective, the musicianship and the recording/production quality are top notch! I'm not sure how much of a market there is for abstract jazz but I certainly appreciate it. This has a wonderful flow, and is extremely creative.


Very cool tune, sort of Return To Forever meets Pink Floyd, Sax work is super.

WOW! This is gonna be easy peezy! Upscaled Travels is what I titled this masterpiece! The recording quality is perfectly done! This be some magical Jazz fuzed thick with some badasses playing their bad asses off! Drums, keys, guitar and sax are handled very well in the arrangement and instrumentation. I would have this playing in my hovercraft's 8 track!

There isn't anything that I can say I would change with this piece. It blew me away and the energy was great! The leads were tight yet not over done. Everything played together really well towards placing emphasis on the motif. I liked the arrangement and the instruments also. I liked the simplicity and the way in which the entire piece got to the point and ended strong!

Exciting piece. Great listem

Cool polyrhythms!
Overall blend of synth and percussion at beginning - super cool!

Excellent song...I do listen to fusion on a regular basis, it was always playing in the house when I was growing up. Great hook, which is something that I feel is overlooked in a lot of jazz...I think sometimes the artist(s) get so focused on virtuosity that the idea of communicating to the audience is lost. This hook is memorable, the piece has a great feel to it, AND the playing is outstanding.

The quality of the recording, mixdown and mastering are top-notch and certainly radio-ready. I would imagine this piece would in fact be most marketable for the TV/Film industry, it sure invokes a feeling of danger and action, very much like the secret agent films of the 60's.

Great job!

Percussion is awesome. This definitely has potential in film for sure. TV even. All instrumentation is very nicely done. I like the guitar tone and sax coming in later as well. Awesome!

I really enjoyed this, though I was waiting in vein for the words-----. I am a lyrics writer, Lyrics are my metier, I am not a musician, but this is so smooth and so melodious that I will go back and hear more of your pieces. I l over the now and. then wind 'pop in' - . A refreshing sound.

Nice work guys

Wow!! a lot that I didn´t hear something this good at Broadjam. Very good overall production, the choice of sounds. Don´t know this is a group or 1 man band, whatever, there is an enormous musicianship. Love percussion, the synth loop, sax!! and guitar leads. Really enjoy it congrats.

Loved this track!

Great performances all around, and the arrangement was top notch.
Had a vaguely world music vibe that I loved, sounding exotic but accessible to Western listeners at the same time.

As far as placement potential, I would say fairly good...I could hear this track on the Pandora/Spotify stations I listen to, or in a TV/film setting.

Movie sound track for sure ...I wanna see that movie great sax

Really cool, busy intro with the percussion layering. I like the keyboard sound at the beginning, and then once the melody kicks in, then the groove really starts to cook! Great way of layering the drums into the mix. The keyboard background is also appropriate and well mixed. Great energy with the sax solo too. Great song!

Wow! What a creation. Loved every moment of it. It grabbed me and kept me captive through the whole song. For some reason, as I listened to the song, I kept picturing a chase of some kind. :)

I really like the feel of the drums and the way the lead guitar sounds in the mix - I also like the sound effects and the trumpet really brings it all together and tells the story line very well.

Contemporary be bop? Excellent setting of mood, followed by proper statements! Great cords with superb handling. The chords behind the sax are great! Really happy to play it again. That ending sucks you right in to another must play again loop. I love that really complicated beginning to the sax solo! You smart! I'm gonna get this one.

I love the percussion on the intro. Beautiful melody and changes. Very cool sax solo around 1:35.

Love the percussion and recording/production quality of the overall track. Keyboard sounds and repetitive arpeggios are nice but I would like to see a little less repetition. Great stereo mix in the percussion really sets this track off the most. I was glad to hear the horn come in and the solo was very well executed.

it Nice energy. Great choices of instrumentation. Solid percussion. Nice production and mix. It's a keeper. Good stuff.

I wasn't sure where the song was going for a while with the hand drums in the beginning but once everything kicked in I was impressed with the blend. I would have loved to hear more variation in the structure for a longer song.

Superb dynamic sound. Loved the mix of smooth brass and keyboards with the spiky percussion. Cool melody and time signature.


Wow, Pink Floyd does fusion. Great sound!!! Nice recording. I just wish this were longer.

I like the intro. of the song.

inventive intro, grabs attention smartish. Almost pink floyd meets afican meets steve hillage, detailed work, change of feel in this piece!

Music David Haddad - Younes Lahlou Producer David Haddad
Publisher David Haddad - Younes Lahlou Performance David Haddad - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Younes Lahlou - keyboards, Iraj Lashkary - Percussion, Orbel Babayan - Guitar, Albert Wing - Sax
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Medieval Games

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