Starburst Records is an independent record label that stands out in the competitive music industry for its unique and vibrant approach. Established with a passion for discovering and promoting diverse musical talent, Starburst Records prides itself on fostering creativity and originality.

The label is known for its eclectic roster, spanning various genres such as Jazz & Traditional Pop Vocals, LoFi Beats instrumental music, indie rock and more. Starburst Records is committed to providing a platform for emerging artists who bring fresh and innovative sounds to the music scene. 

The label's aesthetic is characterized by a colorful and dynamic imagery, reflecting the diverse range of music it represents. The name "Starburst Records" suggests a burst of creativity and energy, symbolizing the label's dedication to supporting artists who push boundaries and create music that resonates with a wide audience.

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Sounds Like: LeonardCohen-JohnnyCash-KeithUrban-LadyAntebellum, JasonMraz-BandPerry-Evanescence-FrankZappa-NIN

Latest News

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*12-1-20 DJ Dionysus"Complicated" Taxi forward for Chinese market placement
*11-28-20 Starburst placed 2 tracks by Vinni Hamilton into music library for placement of music into Sports Television Programming by a publisher with a rich placement history with Fox Sports, NFL Network, MLB, NHL, NBA, College Sports, NASCAR & more. The tracks are Supernova by Vinni Hamilton Productions & Temptress by Jean Paul Zoghbi.
*10-15-20 signed deal for >100 tracks to be played in Shopping Malls, Restaurants and Retail venues throughout the world. Artists include Greg Johnson, Leiza Michaels, Tokoname, L O F I L U V, distant.face, Jean Paul Zoghbi, Paul Anthony and Strewing.
*Jean Paul Zoghbi's "Cinematic Suspense" into Coca Cola commercial
*Starburst's "Come Dance" instrumental version selected for inclusion in Nickelodeon TV advertising campaign which aired heavily throughout Brazil as well as on YouTube at
*Starburst's 1st song 2 pts penance placed into feature length film "Rotkappchen The Blood of Red Riding Hood"
*Starburst song Morning Cup placed with Senoz Food and Coffee Company for a worldwide radio advertising campaign;
*Starburst's "Dance With Me" signed to Shuttersong Inc for use in promoting its new Shuttersong app;
*secured a placement for Bobby & Leslie's song Snake In The Grass (BK Version) into a sound library seeking Blues-Rock songs like Jack White or Black Keys. Right on Bobby & Leslie! This track is also available on Spotify.
*Dreamatorium Très Bien track "Fairy Magik" placed into a music library used for Retail Store Plays - Streaming Royalties. Congratulations Dreamatorium! This track is also available on Spotify.
*placed "Tragedy" into a well-Established Song Library that was seeking Moody Singer Songwriter Tracks for placement into film, television and advertising. This track is also available on Spotify.
*placed the instrumental jazz track "Bossa Wings" by Johnny Starburst into a music library seeking jazz instrumentals for use in film, television and advertising. Right on Johnny Starburst! This track is also available on Spotify.
*First 2 Rapazzi Albums signed to exclusive publishing contract with HD Music Now
*June 2015 "I'll Do Just Fine" & numerous others selected for publication on "Women of Substance" radio
*Nils Rurack's track Crash Chaos into a film trailer for feature film "Cowboys and Aliens";
*Nils Rurack's Boogey Man placed into 17 episode ZDFkultur digital German Television show;
*Starburst song Finally Found licensed for use in new documentary film called "Roller Daze"
*Starburst has placed 2 instrumental tracks through Songtradr with a music library for use in film, tv & advertising. These tracks are "Purposely Meandering" and "Lazy Day".
*Starburst Records congratulates Jean Jean-Paul Zoghbi for placement of his track "Desert Dance" into the following Songtradr music library: Traditional Middle Eastern MusicTV: Looking for traditional Middle Eastern music featuring male and/or female vocals. Instrumentals welcome too. Vocals may be sung in any Middle Eastern language. We are seeking submissions to create a highly-specific, curated list that directly assists with some of our buyer community requests. Being chosen for this list does not guarantee you a sync but rather acts as a way to highlight your work so that it's more easily spotted for opportunities."
*The recording artists of Starburst Records are pleased to congratulate Larry Folk of Toronto Canada and Jay Carney of Southeastern Massachusetts on the placement of their vintage rock song "Woodstock Nation" into the "Best Classic Rock: For TV & Film Placement" music library administered by Music of the Sea Publishing.
* Nathaniel Jones & Starburst have just placed another Dreamatorium Ambient music track with Tinder Box for placement into film and tv projects on 7-17-20.

Starburst Music Credits

Welcome! Credits:
* Jan 2016 "Trapped" wins Best Folk Song Akademia Contest
* June 2015 "I'll Do Just Fine" selected for publication on "Women of Substance" radio
*50+ songs signed to Song & Film Publishing Contract
* Apr '12 Silly Girl signed exclusively with Rex Benson
*1st Place Cooch Music's 13th Amateur Songwriting Contest 2009
*1st Place We Are Listening Lyric Writing 2009
*Testify in American Songwriter magazine Mar/Apr 2010 Lyric Writing Contest Honorable Mention
*Many BJ Song of Mo wins including 8-12 Trapped & 1-13 Lonely In A Crowd
*>50 BJ Top 10
*>50 Taxi & BJ forwards resulting in numerous placements including those cited above
2020 Placements in BJ 6-Pack
*First Place in all Six Cans
*Top 10
2010 Starburst BJ 6-Pack Placements
• $25,000 Grand Prize Winner
• 1st Place Winner in Cans 1, 2 & 6
• *1st Place songs in Cans 2 & 6 (Tragedy & Witch's Brew)
• *2nd Place songs in Cans 2 & 4-Fish & Tackle-Starburst/Potter & Devil's Protégé
• *3rd Place song in Can 1-Witch's Brew
• *4th Place songs in Cans 1, 2, 4 & 6 Jacki-PGO/Starburst, Testify, Yes You Should Weep-Folk/Starburst, Unholy Kiss-Jones/Johnson/Starburst
• *Additional Top 20 Songs in 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th,13th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th
• 2015 BJ Six-Pack Placements: Starburst's Evan Zappa profile
• *Can 4: 1st Place, Score, Under the Hollow 2nd, Snowdance 13th
• *7 Top 20 placing songs, overall can placement in top 20 in every can
• *Can 1: 13th Place, Anything Goes, Ebony Eyes 15th place
• *Can 2: 5th Place, Dance, Crazy Dance 4th place
• *Can 3: 20th Place, Lovin' It
• *Can 5: 7th Place, Rough, Bustin' Chops 6th
• *Can 6: 10th Place, Slow, Satan's Witch's Brew (DJ Z-80 Remix) 14th, Elephant's Repose instrumental 16th
2015 Evan Zappa BJ 6-Pack Placements
• 1st Place "Score" Can 4 for collaborative work with N. Jones
• 7 Top 20 placing songs
• Placement in top 20 in all six cans
• Can 1: 13th Place, Anything Goes, Ebony Eyes 15th place
• Can 2: 5th Place, Dance, Crazy Dance 4th place
• Can 3: 20th Place, Lovin' It
• Can 4: 1st Place, Score, Under the Hollow 2nd, Snowdance 13th
• Can 5: 7th Place, Rough, Bustin' Chops 6th
• Can 6: 10th Place, Slow, Satan's Witch's Brew (DJ Z-80 Remix) 14th, Elephant's Repose instrumental 16th
2017 Evan Zappa BJ 6-Pack Placements
• Placed into Top 40 Finals
• 1st Place Winner in Can 5 (Covers) with following song placements:
o 2nd - Long Time Gone, Peter Cleveland Vocals
o 4th - We Just Disagree, Peter Cleveland vocals
o 5th - Feel Like Making Love, Peter Cleveland vocals
o 16th - I Left My Heart in San Francisco, Peter Cleveland vocals
o 17th - Play Me, Peter Cleveland vocals
• 1st Place Winner in Can 6 (Amped) with following song placements:
o 18th - Ebony Eyes instrumental
o 1st - Woodstock Nation, Larry Folk collaboration
o 6th - Ebony Eyes, Michael Lusk vocals
o 19th - Guilt
• 20th Place Winner in Can 4
2017 Lorena Robles BJ 6-Pack Placements
• Placed into Top 40 Finals
o 6th Place Winner in Can 2 Instrumentals with Save The World instrumental
• 7th Place Winner in Covers Can 5 with following song placements:
o 12th I Will Always Love You, Lorena Robles vocals
o 20th - Mentira, Lorena Robles vocals
2017 Starburst Records BJ 6-Pack Placements
• 18th Place Can 5 Covers
• 14th Place Can 6 Amped with following song placements:
o 20th Tell Me What You Bring, a Rock Modernoff song
* On 11-20-21 our track "Clownshow" by L O F I L U V was selected by Spotify editor curators for placement onto their lofi beats playlist. Since then, the track has been streamed more than 550,000 times and counting. The tracks of our 4 lofi artists combined are regularly streaming at the rate of over 228,000 streams monthly.

Starburst Records

StarburstRecords launched in 2007 & now represents 46 Artists from 9 Countries including USA, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Great Britain, Argentina, Canada, Australia & United Arab Emirates (specifically Dubai). We've published >60 albums and singles collectively representing over 500 songs, available at digital media platforms everywhere. We offer wide genre diversity including pop, folk, rock, country, electronic (both ambient & industrial), Latin, etc. Founder & CEO Jay Carney is a voting member of The Grammys & The Latin Grammys and the works of many of our artists have been submitted for Grammy Nomination consideration. If you'd like to join our label, contact

Michael Lusk Album

Dear Broadjam Friends,

Michael Lusk has enjoyed an incredible career as vocalist, bass player and backup singer with country luminaries from Martina McBride to Jason Aldean to the Billy Graham Crusades as well as with a Christian rock group called Forerunner that starting in 1998 worked as a backup band for Loretta Lynn. Michael's career and recent touring with Loretta are covered extensively in this article by Chuck Yarborough of The Plain Dealer:

It was a distinct honor and privilege for Bobby & Leslie Sahlen and I to collaborate with Michael, whose vocal performances on this album added an extra dimension to each song I can best describe as MAGIC!

I hope you enjoy!


Grammy Awards

As a member of The Recording Academy since July 25, 2016 & the Latin Grammys since 2017, Starburst is eligible to both submit and vote on the annual Grammy & Latin Grammy Awards. Profile page is locate here:


When I was ten years old, my family took my 12 y.o. brother, Mark & I on a trip to the Worlds Fair in NY (circa 1962), where we both heard some incredible Cuban Jazz music for the very first time in our young lives. This, along with watching the 3 performances of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show was enormously influential in Mark's life leading to him becoming a musician & ultimately attending Berklee School of Music in Boston to study upright Bass and jazz, which he then turned me on to when I was then 18 and attending Boston College. As a Christmas present to friends and relatives last month, along with my Christmas card I enclosed my very first self produced and composed instrumental jazz album which you can now stream for free at following link:
This album is dedicated to my brother Mark who introduced me to the magic of this most amazingly unique American art-form, Jazz music.

Greg Johnson, The Voice of a Gen

Greg Johnson, The Voice of a Generation
Once in a generation a writer emerges so uniquely talented as to grip the heart, soul and imagination of who we are, or perhaps who we were during our time on this planet. For my parent's generation that was Hemingway. It was Fitzgerald. It was Faulkner. It was Steinbeck.
I submit to you that for my generation, it is Greg Johnson, a little known but extraordinarily gifted songwriter/performer hailing from Davis, California. Just as Salieri envied, revered, was jealous of, yet fell rapturously in love with the work of Mozart, so too am I both envious and enraptured by the works of Mr. Johnson. Songs like Lundy's Lane, Make the Moment Last, Love Makes you Crazy, and so many more have the capacity to creep up on you, without knowing it, until you're suddenly surprised by the tears dripping down you face. But then others, like Country Club Motor Lodge and Heart Broke in LA achieve a whole new level, climbing to the heights of some of the best songwriting of all time.
Starburst Records is both humbled & honored to have been selected by Greg to serve as his music publisher. Please like and follow his page on FB devoted to Greg's original music which you can find here:
Also, do yourself a favor and purchase or add his latest album of 50 incredible original songs called "Me and the Moon" to your Spotify playlist. You won't be sorry. You can find this here:


Junior Murrell
over 30 days ago to StarburstRecords

Big thank you for the stars on 'Find Somebody Else'

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

Its my pleasure Junior, and very well deserved.
Very best wishes to you for continued musical success.

Thanks for the stars on Never Surrender, much appreciated!

2 Replies
over 30 days ago

You're very welcome George. Well deserved.

over 30 days ago

Thank you!

Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to StarburstRecords

Jay, just listened to Felice Kay-Cooper's song, "Into Your Eyes" nice tune 5 Stars & Likes, the music is extremely commercial & Lush, oh and Jack Green's Voice is outstanding!
Tell Felice Kaye-Cooper she composed a very Beautiful composition!!
The Corey's
PS................Tell Sweet Felice, to get on the Broad Jam Hot Line Horn and rate our song, "Waiting By the Sea"......Hee Hee!

Everyone Stay Safe & Sport a Mask, when not singing or compositing!!

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

Yes, Felice did an outstanding job on that song and Jack Green was awesome with the vocals! All my best, jay

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