Hello. This is Fred Kimmel. I'm a composer/multi-instrumentalist, programmer, engineer, producer/artist . I sing a bit, too. My material is rather eclectic Pop ranging from Electronica to Rock. If you listen through my playlist, you'll notice the first 11 songs are mostly pop songs with lyrics. After that it goes into sound design territory and more electronica based material. I hope you enjoy the ride. 


Virgin, Universal, FOA Records, NHK, Fuji TV, FM Tokyo. J-Wave and more

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Fred Kimmel

Fred Kimmel is a producer/artist/composer/multi-instrumentalist. Fred has been honored winning second place in the 2009 Broadjam/Keyboard Magazine/Casio "Keyboards that Rawk Contest", winning an article in Keyboard Magazine's Unsigned Artist Of The Month.

Fred has studied guitar privately with CBS Staff guitarist Sal Salvador and 20 time Grammy winning studio guitarist Carmine D'Amico.

Coming from a musical family, both parents and older brothers were professional jazz musicians. Fred started studying and playing the guitar and keyboards at the age of seven. At sixteen, he had his first steady job, playing guitar and singing Top 40, five nights a week with bassist brother Karl and their mother, pianist Peggy at a nightclub in Queens, NY.

At nineteen years old Fred Kimmel rented a rehearsal/recording loft in the Music Building in NYC, where he came in contact with many talented musicians. This was where Fred made his earliest connections in the business. This early business venture resulted with jingle production work for such companies as Elite Models, Fuji TV, Pony Canyon Records, FM Tokyo, J-Wave as well as album production work along with Radio and TV personality Shoji Suzuki for Toshiba-EMI with emerging artists DJ Honda and DJ KO, who were then in a group called The JGs on Taurus Records.

Later on Fred had the opportunity to work with Japanese superstar Yuming's producer Tony Ariga, producing and arranging jingles for Suntory Whiskey along with American artists such as Ben Folds, Jocelyn Brown and Connie Harvey.

After doing soundtrack work for MMG/Atlantic Video's "New York Rap Talk" and an ad campaign for Japanese cosmetics company ARSOA, Fred later teamed with television producer/director/Motion Planet CEO Sumio Sone, producing on-air and industrial television jingles for Nikkei Shinbun, Mark Chagall Jewelry and Sony.

During this time, Fred met a new partner, Sali Oguri, who was hosting a hit television show on NHK called New Yorkers. He helped produce the ending theme Sali had written for the show entitled "Before We Say Goodnight". While Sali sang and played the keyboard tracks and drum programs, he played guitar, engineered and mixed the song from their studio.

Not long after, Fred and Sali teamed with Tony Ariga to produce twelve dance tracks for a compilation CD entitled "Sweet Dreams, Yuming" on FOA Records. They found it to be a very exciting project, transforming Yuming's brilliant hit songs to modern/electronica dance tracks with English lyrics.

Fred had the honor of accompanying Freestlyle Dance legends, Judy Torres,
George LaMond, TKA, Angelo Venuto and Cynthia at The Jones Beach Theater for

Recently, Fred co-produced Sali O's single "You're My Number One" featuring Claudia Kimmel for WUJ Entertainment Japan, distributed by Virgin Label & Artist Services.

Fred Kimmel, as producer/singer/songwriter/artist , is presently about to release his newest 14 song album, Earth for spring 2023.

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Just watched "I am What I Am'! Still laughing! Godspeed! catnip=+=

Hi Fred,
Thanks for the review on "White Out". That's an older, fairly short piece intended for use in TV/Film, Video or Voiceover production.

I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment.

Be and stay well,

Hi Fred,
Thanks so much for the review of "John's New England Fall". That was a piece I wrote as a theme/music-bed for a tribute video that I produced; a documentary type piece for a retiring physician and college president.

I appreciate your kind words and perspectives... thanks again.

Be and stay well,

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over 30 days ago

Hi Frank, thanks for reviewing I Got Da Luv and Dead End Love. It's fascinating to me the difference in critiques from person to person sometimes and what they hear even outside Broadjam. In both those songs you reviewed you mentioned the vocals even when I've gotten compliments on the vocals on every song and throughout my career as a musician and a Published songwriter. All my songs are scrutinized to death before they're even put out publicly and especially the vocals are analyzed for pitch and anything else you can think of. I've sent my songs to industry professionals in Nashville and vocals are never mentioned in any of their critique, in fact they love the vocals on most songs. Maybe it's a matter of style so I'm just curious. So it leave me wondering what it is you hear? If you can point out exactly where you think there's a pitch issue or problem in those songs I'll be glad to go back and listen again. Thanks.

Hi Marcel,
Yes... reviews and critiques can really get subjective. I try really hard to let the person know if I'm commenting based on personal preference or more objective criteria. Because as you mentioned, music and performance can be so subjective. For example... one person once told me that Celine Dion is the best vocalist in the world and another argued that Taylor Swift is the best. Both were basically correct because they were basing their conclusion on their personal preferences.

I really appreciate you asking for more specific information. This is exactly what I do when I'm trying to figure out if there's something that I can do to improve.

I'll take some time to go back and listen and provide a bit more specific detail on what I'm hearing... both subjectively and objectively... I'll send you an email/message... probably over the weekend.


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