I'm a composer working with vocalists/friends that I've known for years. I'm a self-taught musician/writer, and I performed professionally for over 15 years in various local and touring bands. I have composed/produced music for various corporate and commissioned  productions, and released an 8 song all original Christmas CD.

Several of my songs have been finalists or honorable mentions in various competitions, and one was the winner of Broadjam's Hot 100 for May 2022!

My wife Jane and I both have a passion for being creative. You'll see that Jane has written the lyrics on several of the songs published here on Broadjam.

Thanks for looking/listening.  And remember that you can always choose your attitude...  choose to be positive!

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I was notified on June 13th that "Sunday She Knows" was the winner of the Broadjam Hot 100 for May 2022! I am so very grateful for this... there are SO many great songs and songwriters out there... this is such an honor and an awesome feeling.  Thank you!  

Here's the official announcement from Broadjam:

Also, three of my songs are in Nebraska's Top 10... feeling so very grateful!

Songwriter, Composer, Producer

Songwriter, Composer, Producer: 1980-Present

Part-time, professional musician and band manager: 1991-1997 (Hip2Hip)

Full-time, professional musician: 1980 to 1991 (Bits-n-Pieces, Casino, Betty & Dupree, Hip2Hip).

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Hey Frank,
Thanks for the great review of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, much appreciated!

Frank, So many reviews for me, bet you know my voice now, with your eyes closed...lol! Glad you like "All I Have to do is Dream" one of my favorite, Everly Brothers songs from my teen years...Thanks for your time and listen...always a friend in music....Delta

Frank, I just reviewed "Street Pl." I didn't know you did stuff like that! I'm impressed! I thought I came across an exceptionally well done piece by one of the sountrack people I sometimes come across. John

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Thanks so much John!

Another well intended and useful review from you! I truly appreciate our insight and ability to listen to a piece and "get it" (understand/consider purpose, intent, placement, etc.).

I have several 1-2 minutes pieces that I wrote with a "TV/Radio, Film/Video mindset", or just because. :)

Thanks for listening and for another excellently crafted review!


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