Tony Tersmette, originally from the Netherlands, who has adopted the pseudonym Rex Niemand, is a vocalist and guitarist of a jazz bent with many years of experience performing a wide range of popular music. He also has some thirty years experience as a cataloger of all manner of musical materials at Binghamton University Libraries in upstate New York. 'Rex' has taken the challenge of composing in earnest in recent years; a few of his latest creations are represented here. He hopes to add more in the near future. Correspondence is most welcome!

Latest News

Latest news

My instrumentals Peanut Soup and Sticky Tape are both now Semi-finalists in the UK Songwriting Contest.


"Tony Tersmette really hits it out of the park with his track Blue Chalk[in']. He builds on the synth pop of the past but definitely takes the song to a place in the future. A solid production and well thought out electric composition." -- Jason Miles, pro reviewer.


My composition "Chanson Sans Paroles" won First Place in the Instrumental category of the 22nd Annual Great American Song Contest. Thank you, GASC!
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Hi Tony--
Thanks for listening to "Awakening" and the stars. I appreciate it! I listened to your "Tea for One". 5-stars. I especially like the rain/old record effect.

Thank you for the 5 " Tony on Opus 42.
I hope you are well.
All the best,

Álvaro Guevara Vázquez, Composer BMI.

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Rex Niemand
4 weeks ago

Alvaro, your music has a depth and breadth to it I can only wish there was more of in this environment. All the best to you as well, sir!

Rex Niemand
3 weeks ago

Thanks indeed for the stellar matter for Blue Skies. An old track that, upon a re-listening, strikes me as something I ought perhaps re-visit and improve. Perhaps a niche for it somewhere in the marketplace?
Thanks again, sir!

Bill Dake
over 30 days ago to Rex Niemand


Thanks for the 5's for PVM.

Workin' on a new one that's been hiding in my computer for ages. Instrumentally done with a scratch vocal that needs lyrics, which are not coming easily.

Mr. Bill

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Clean Clean

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