Song Length 2:48 Genre World - World Beat, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Tense, Heated Similar Artists Hans Zimmer, Dream Theater
Era 2000 and later

Very cool rhythm section. This is what immediately catches the eye. A catchy topic - immediately engages and is remembered. Such a track would be great to support a dynamic video series.

Escellent modern world arrangement. Great soundtrack piece

can def hear this in a movie with some action. Instrumentation is dope!

Its all there checks all the boxes. good job... this will find a home

Catchy, mainly Arabic-sounding music, with some excursions into jazzy brass and rock guitar. Interesting chord progressions.

Your mixes are so intricate down to the drums and the instrumentation. Clearly I have so much to learn about modern compositions. Wouldn't have the slightest idea how to do something like this. Really excellent.

This soundtrack transports the listener to multiple locations: Jungle, island, beach, city. It's a varied piece with different moods. Definitely a fine piece of creative work. Excellent mix, instrument and percussion choices.

Great Groove and recording. Love the bass track, it really syncs nicely with the drum track.

Ooh... nice. This ensemble will take you on a journey, starting somewhere in the deep jungles of the Amazon perhaps with a flute and drums; oh, but let's not stay there, let's continue our travel through some pastures of 5 feet tall daffodils; a French bakery caught in a time warp maybe? It's all so surreal; as the journey pauses with a distortion guitar lightly placed in the back to take you to the Oceans of Timius with the 20 feet spires of gold. Recommended!

Super crisp and full of flavors from around the world, this tune is a keeper! A flatout perfect fit for a movie/tv theme for sure. The cool strings having a conversation with the keen horns really make things interesting. Great drums, guitar, and performances all around. Through in top notch production in there too! Nice work.

This composition feels like a melding of 3 different genres (middle eastern, electronic, and rock) but work well together. The drum performance is nice and the guitar solo definitely infers a Middle East flare with its harmonic minor scales. The bass holds down the groove while the "Duduk" infers a distant land quality. The musicians are good performers and the instruments are recorded and mixed well.

It's a sorft of danceable 007 soundtrack in an arabic environment.

This reminds me of a theme for a James Bond movie. Very mysterious yet inviting., engaging. This is a great song for dancing also. I like the accordion especially how it blended into the orchestration.
The orchestration if full and has good sound quality. This reminds me of Henry Mancini's arrangements in a sense.

Very good intro as it develops into the beat. Percussion sounds are excellent. Good dynamics and the mix has a good spread. Would be excellent for film.

A bit above from average,sounds are quite good.

Nice song, sound like a classical middle east.

Music Dave Haddad Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Orbel Babayan - Guitar, Dave Haddad - Everything else
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