Slinky Armor

Story Behind The Song

Someone I was supposed to work with was acting slippery and flakey, the name "Slinky Armor" (which kind of rhymes with the person's name) came to mind as I wrote the piece and the name stuck.

Song Description

A medium tempo smooth funk/jazz groove with a guitar melody lead. Very short and to the point not a lot of fancy frills.

Song Length 2:53 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Jazz - Smooth Jazz
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Content, Poignant Subject Friend, Frustration
Similar Artists Gary Moore, Lee Ritenour Era 2000 and later

This song is very impressive in regards to channeling the volume appropriately. It's hard to get it just right like this! The hook was fairly impressive and I'd be excited to hear more from this artist.

Nice 80's sound. Would fit in a cop/detective TV show.

great recording
bass & drums are right on
real nice guitar playing

A very nice listen indeed! Well-recorded and balanced with a tight rhythm section, I enjoyed this from start to finish. Sometimes you just need a smooth groove to bring out the feels!

Very smooth flow to this piece. Seldom does an electric guitar sound so soothing. Nice transitions throughout. Very nice and steady beat.

Very nice feel to this one. It has a good groove.

Very smooth groove and nice guitar playing....gtr has a nice solid tone with good sustain..... other instruments are solid....

Well played guitar and you've understood the need of a hook in an instrumental song
Nice chord progression
I hear subtle use of percussion which I enjoy
The background (guitar, organ, bass n drums) behind the lead guitar is well laid out
I like the "secondary lead guitar"

enjoyable tune. I like the electric guitar work throughout. Sounds like "Alvin Lee' influeneces.

This is a crossover to easy listening soft contemporary pop...short and sweet...I guessed Chillin' as the hook because it put me in a positive laid back vibe...any positive hook will work for this instrumental...I love the guitar work...very professional...the theme or head was also catchy and memorable...great job...this is a very commercial track...and it put a smile on my face

Wow, tis is an mazing song. I LOVE IT. the guitar sound is stunning, crisp and makes me wanna play it over and over. Man if you live near South Africa I would do Collabs with you.The quality of arrangement and production is awesome. You have the talent and ear for music well done and I would like to hear more of your originals.

Excellent work. Beautiful piece. Great guitar work. Arrangement is tight and colorful.

Good overall sound. Quality recording. Good guitar playing. Good guitar sound. Rich and often very pretty. I've listened to your song three times. I don't hear a single flaw on the playing. Gary Moore meets Lee Ritenour. Your music should have a place as background in TV or Film.

Nice clean recording. Really like the guitar tone. Tight groove. Well done.

Instrumentation is strong and the delivery is excellent.

nice guitar instrumental. blues instrumental, sounded good and well played nice percussion. likeable track.and a enjoyable listen, cool track

i love a good instrumental,andthis is definately a good one,,,,,good job soldier

Really enjoyed this track.........great guitar.......

Beautiful guitar work

Nice smooth sound... Electric Guitar is great... Like it's telling me a story I can close my eyes and feel good...

Music David N Haddad - Orbel Babayan Producer David N Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Orbel Babayan - Guitar, Dave Haddad - all other instruments
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