I'm a semi professional finger style Guitarist who started playing at 16 but didn't start writing my own material until 2011 or 46. Interesting year for me. I had vivid dreams and melodies were coming to me almost nightly. So, if I woke up shortly after, I could remember them and they were not lost to the abyss.

My songs tend to be shorter than average in length (around 2.5 minutes) as I am able to express myself musically in that time frame without repeating myself ad nauseam with the desired effect of my listener satisfied with what they heard and hopefully wanting a little more.

My musical mojo returned in 2018 after a 5 year hiatus so there's that! Hope to hear from you especially on my latest 'Promise2Funk' Cool title right?

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Please give a listen to my latest upload 'Promises2Funk' Almost guaranteed to lift your mood - whatever kind of day you're having.
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