Global Chilling (Full Song)

Song Length 4:54 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, World - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Peaceful, Pleasant Subject Birds, Park
Similar Artists Tom Scott, Tom Scott Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Nice nature sounds at intro; sets specific scene/mindset. Nice percussion track and piano work throughout. The Transition to the funk/jazz track was a surprise that I liked. The sax and other instrumentation work is great, and the recording/production is polished.

The jazz portion was awesome! Great drive and musicianship.

Nice ambience and well recorded.
Good use of sparse percussion. Unexpected arrangement and very well done and played.
The second part even not an original 100% is very well put together.

Brilliant work! This sets the most amazing scene and I almost never give perfect scores, but this piece has it all. The unexpected tempo change was a shock, but it was so well done and tasteful it just added to the already-excellent vibe. Mucho Bravissimo!

Excellent song suitable for soundtracks, but not only! I think about world music as well.
I particularly like the breaking out sax solo, coming up from nowhere! That is the best part...coming at about half of the piece. Great sounds, greats solos!

This would make for a good music bed in a tropical/jungle setting. What a blast when, out of nowhere, the sax and band snap you to attention with a boatload of soul and funk! Great guitar work! You'd do Steely Dan proud. The production is first class--nice and clean! Very enjoyable groove goin' on! Well done! We want to hear more

Beautiful soundtrack/score music!! This is sonically rich! The instruments have so much depth and detail, and are very well played/programmed! Feel like the birds are in the room! This is such an incredibly pleasant a sonic journey!! AND, what a change at the half way point.....incredible jazzy thing!

Cant beat a drone in the beginning huh. then here comes the tabla drums. interesting bird sounds. Sounds like a nature program soundtrack, Wow here comes the jazz beat. Strange missmatch here. Is it two tunes joined together. Sounds good though. Instrumentation is good.

A relaxing, serene piece of music that makes you feel one with nature.

Nice use of sound FX. Fun track. Beautiful work overall.

This is a very cool piece.... at first I thought it was a new age relaxation piece but the music came in it set the mood in a whole different direction. The recording and the tones you used were excellent. The fast part at the end caught me totally by surprise... wow...I cant say enough good about this piece very original and enjoyed listening

In the first few minutes this song had a peaceful and world vibe; I honestly thought I was listening to a meditation track or something. However, the track then takes off and transforms into sweet jazz. This sounds like something I would hear from Spyro Gyra with the interesting use of instruments and mood changes throughout the track. Everything from the recording to the instruments are top notch. Please let me know when you release more stuff!

I wouldn't really call this modern jazz but none the less this recording in excellent! I dig the New Age nature sounds in the beginning transitioning into the hard hitting fusion section. Who's the sax player? He reminds me a lot of David Sanborn. I can totally see you selling this track to a yoga studio or nature movie if you just use the first half.

Music David N Haddad Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Dave Haddad - Rhodes - Drums - Percussion - Bass - Effects, Orbel Babayan - Guitar, Danielle DeCario - Bass, Albert Quan Wing - Sax, Roma Kanyan - EP
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