I'm a Music and Art Lover from the Great North West. I Write, Sing and perform R&B,Funk,Jazz,Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop. I've also do vocal studio work.This is my first fresh start of braking out of my shell and going on the Multimedia platform. I've mainly worked with people in person verses on the Web in the past.
Now it's a new day "Say What!'.
Stay tuned in. More on the way soon my brothers and sisters of the Music World.
Peace and Blessings.

Trina B. (Bizzzzzzz)

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"Gotta Be Love Inside" made the Top 10 R&B Soul on Saturday September 17th 2011.

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Born in the Emerald City, Seattle. I grew up with my Musical family of Gospel & Soul singers on my Mothers side and my Father a Jazz Drummer. I've been a Writer and a Singer of Music for over 15 years. Live shows and studio vocal recordings with my Production Phamily; Phat Phunk. I've also recorded and performed work various Artist as well. My Hip-Hop Brothers, WoJack, T-Love, Candid, Von-O.P. and SandMan. Adding those R&B, Jazzy, Soulful, or Funk Style hooks to the studio tracks and live shows made there work Pop. If you ask me we did it first in Seattle with live, drums, bass, guitar, Sax, Keyboard, and back ground Vocalist Singing for Hip-Hop shows. North/West baby. The various Producers I've work with over the years are G-Wiz Fields, MAS (Mark Anthony Smith), Mike Daniels, Richard Mills, and more.
I like to write, Jazzy, Sassy, Funky, Soulful and Inspirational styles for myself. Singing and Speaking with Love, Color, Imagination and Life.

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Good evening Trina. Thank you for your review of Love Will Find the Way Back Home. It is very helpful. Have a great week & the best to you & your music.

I'm laughing my head off. Some of ya'll need a new twist, because all of your songs sound the same. Try some real musicians and real instruments sometimes, everything dose not have to sound Techno and computerized. You know who you are! LMAO : )

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Craig Wallace
over 30 days ago

I agree to what you were saying. Very good

Hello everyone, I removed Phunk Drops from my song list, because everyone that submits a review for this track expects it to be longer and it was created to be a very short snip-it for a commercial. Sorry I had to Drop that Phunk on ya!

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