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there's a long rubatto intro that leads into the verses with a funky groove. The song follows the standard Verse, pre-chorus and chorus structre until an uplifting guitar solo. The song ends with a flute solo over a repeating chorus.

Song Length 3:03 Genre New Age - Tribal, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Blissful, Welcoming Similar Artists Peter Gabriel, Moby
Era 2000 and later

Great groove!

Oh, what a juicy arrangement since 0:37. Very tight quality beat, great bass, fine percussion is great. The theme is remembered immediately and makes the body move to the rhythm.
I see this music in TV shows and films about scientific research, traveling around the world, about different cultures and nature. Perhaps about the life of a young businessman. If music is needed for an exciting adventure plot, I think this track is very suitable.

First, the bass is KILLING me (well EQ'd in all frequencies).
Loved the fresh peruvian-style intro... Airy flutes are one of my fav instruments.
At 2.25, I really enjoyed the entrance of the guitar drive riffs. Clever !
Ending is also very original and again, clever (creative !).

So... Kudos, and thanks for this exposure !

Really good feel to this song, the intro leads you perfectly into the rhythmic drop with a great bass driving the whole thing. Nice build to the lead break with just enough edge on the guitar to make you sit up and pay attention. Really good track, thanks I loved it.

Nice instrumental piece. Good choices of samples. Nice job on the flute. Underlying bass licks rest perfectly in the mix, providing a unifying force throughout this entire track. Track has a nice energy throughout, definitely a pleasant listen.

Very solid listen, quite enjoyable. It has some of the characteristics of a Peter Gabriel side project, which is a big plus for me. Well-mixed and a nice balance on the instruments. Has a bit of an edge to it.

nice tune well played and recorded

I love the flutes at the intro totally unexpected

Very intriguing sound. I love the way it picks up early when the drums come in. Very good instrumentation and arrangement. Keyboard work is exceptional.

What a beautiful beginning! Very nice song. I love the flute sounds. The rhythm is very good. The song builds very nicely. Nice touch having a guitar in one spot. Great listening tune. I liked it. Give us more!!!

This sound like a 80's party track, good job

Excellent production well separated between the ears. Especially like the dominance of the drums in the beginning so when the screeching guitar comes in it is somewhat buried, but you know it's there. This would be a great soundtrack travelling background.

This is a very enjoyable piece of what I call fusion music ... I'm picturing a contemporary setting in a bar; everything is white, blue lights splash the background; the people are dressed in white going to and fro; mingling and having happy and smooth times. I played this song twice and I enjoy the smooth jazzy quality. I liked the electric guitar that comes in later in the piece - nice touch.

Nice arrangement
Nice build
Well done

good overall production. good choice of sounds. song has a good beat and melody. like the flute soloing and the pace that percussion gives the song as it progresses. good work

Nice upbeat feel after a soft beginning.

Very Cool! Wasn't expecting the drums to kick in.

Groovy and funky rhythm. Guitar hooks and grooves lie very well in the rhythm. Nice subtle synth pads in the background. The electric guitar at around 2:25 gives the track a powerful feel there. Very good production, with all the elements coming across clearly, and everything getting its own space. Sounds a very marketable track for background music purposes.

Really nice feel to this song. I really liked the beginning of this song. I don't often listen to New Age but I use too....I loved the drum sound at the front of this song

Very nice recording. Would be great for background film synching, like travel or weather channels. I love the rocking guitar.

I really like the drum groove and bass line. Good instrumentation & mixing.

Amazing use of mixed instrument styles to bring a modern twist to the stereotypical "new age" sound. It changed my perspective on the genre. I was taken on a full journey during this song and enjoyed it immensely.

Great hook, nice groove. Good recording, performing and producing.

Very sharp and creative work in New Age. I like the modern beat and the instrumentation changes kept it interesting throughout the song.

Beautiful music with memorable melody and wonderful choice of instrumentation. Your music could work in several genres, it has some elements of rock, it could be a soundtrack, electronic composition.

Lyrics N/A Music David N Haddad
Producer Dave Haddad Publisher Gruvpig Music
Performance Dave Haddad - Frank Garrett - Orbel Babayan

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