Project of an award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, sound producer from Kyiv, Ukraine - Natalee Borisenko. Collaborates with companies such as Time Inc, Warner Communications, Bantry Bay Productions GmbH, Hearst Corporation, Boeing Shared Services Group, Ben E Keith Company, Nestle S. A. Natalee explores an exciting variety of genres including Pop, Corporate, EDM, Electronic, Glitch, Industrial, Rock, Funk, Acoustic, Dramatic, Classical, Epic music-a vibrant mix for multimedia use.
Soundtracks Chase the Sun and Shards in the Heart are the finalists of film festivals - New York Cinematography AWARDS, European Cinematography AWARDS, BLASTOFF and Los Angeles CineFest.

On April 17, 2022, here at broadjam, the music library of my Encourage Recordings project, which was previously filled only with my tracks, was replenished with the works of my friend, another immensely talented composer - Dmitriy Donskoi. His work must certainly be heard all over the world.<

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The track Youth Goals was used on the federal TV channel TNT in the Russian TV series Triada 2. Some of the tracks had been featured on the Andy Cohen show "Watch What Happens" on Bravo on several episodes.
This year, the material will sound on: "Road Trip Nation" (PBS), "Teen Mom" (MTV), "Miz&Mrs", "The Challenge"(MTV), The Discovery Network and Partners.

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Hi Natalee,
Thank you so much for the review of my song "Spring Time". You're right that this is one of those short "one breath" pieces. I actually put this together for a TV placement that went with something else. So... it lives on here. :)

I appreciate you taking the time to listen and provide thoughtful and useful feedback. I am indeed exploring better sample libraries and am continually trying to improve my production chops. Your material is fabulous in its writing and in production value!

Be and stay well,

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Hi Natalee! Thanks for the review of "Something's Changed! Your thoughtful response is appreciated! We are praying everyday that this war will end SOON! catnip

Hi Natalee
First off, hvala puno for your kind review of my song "Hometown". It is the first time anyone has ever used the word "Incendiary" to describe one of my songs and I like it! Going forward I just may use it when I am describing the song or writing Metadata for it. Thank you for that Natalee

and second, I was just on your BJ page reading your profile and saw that you are from the Ukraine. I am so sorry for what your country is going through. I hope the fighting ends soon.
I am from Croatia and I just wanted to reach out to my fellow Slav and say thank you for the kind review and for the stars. Much appreciated Natalee.

Best to you


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Ante is right on when he takes the time to sympathize with this artist who has Great Pain on her soul! We are praying for you and your Brave President and Country and you will go down in history for it! catnip

Ante Novaselic
3 weeks ago

thanks catnip!!!

Hi, Natalee. You compose beautiful and exciting music. "Sweet Touch" and "Printed Money" to name the most recent I've heard. I see you have some new ones up. Thank you very much for the stars and review of "Raindrop Soul." The beautiful voice on the song is Liliia Kysil, who is also from Kyiv. I have been reading of what a wonderful world center of music Kyiv is! I believe it! John

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