Billboard Charting Hip-hop Soul Artist Award-Winning Singer Songwriter Miss Storm was born in northern Ohio and currently resides in Atlanta Georgia.
Miss Storm has been singing and writing music professionally for over 15 years.
Storm started her career singing Gospel Music as a youth and branched off into Secular Music as a young adult.
Storm has proudly contributed to many songs we all love from Artist such as: Keisha Cole, Day 26 and more.
Storm has been labeled a muse by many major artists in the industry.
While working quietly behind the scenes and building her resume along the way she has won several awards such as: The Golden Pen Award, Several A.S.C.A.P Awards, Songwriter Of The Year and countless nominations for her penmanship and musical gifts. Miss Storm believes that music is magical and can change the world.

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Miss Storm Pens a New Provocative Single on the Plight of African Americans in America, check out "R.U.N"

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