Rusty Newcomer - Has been playing music and writing songs since he was a teenager. He had his own sound company for sixteen years and played in many bands since his teenage years. He plays guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica as well as sound engineering.
Spark Hartman - Has been around the music business all her life. Her first experience with recording was when she was twelve years old in her brother's (Dan Hartman) recording studio. Dan and her wrote songs together. She was offered a recording contract at twelve years old but turned it down to pursue a fashion career and got a degree from FIT in New York. But music was still in her blood and it wasn't long till she got back into it. (Signal 30)

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Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to Signal 30

Hi Rusty,
Many thanks for the stars for Back To A Younger Me, very much appreciated.

George Michael John
over 30 days ago to Signal 30

Thanks for the stars and playlist add on Smaller, much appreciated!!

Bill Dake
over 30 days ago to Signal 30

Thanks for the 5's and PL for "Find Yourself". Tune written and recorded back in the late '80's...just recently found it on an old 10" tape reel.

Your friend,

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Clean Clean

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