I am a Los Angeles based film, tv, commercial, and media music composer. I've studied music since the age of six and have a degree from Berklee College of Music Boston, MA.
I've been very luck to be able to have composed music for and with: Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Music Inc. Sandia National Labs Public Storage, Kyocera, Infiniti, Save Disney, University of New Mexico to name a few.

If you would like to know more, please visit www.composingthescore.com

Latest News

- Composed original score for feature length documentary On Deterrence, recorded by Seattle Symphony players at Studio X. Watch here. http://tinyurl.com/zdwf37d

- Composed original score and mixed all of the music for University of New Mexico UNM @ 125 Feature length documentary. Watch here. http://tinyurl.com/ho549nj


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Good evening Julian. Hope you've been well! Thank you for another review. I've been away from production & composing for most of the last 14 months so I'm catching up on Broadjam. I'm just seeing your review of "Picky Pizzicato". I so appreciate your feedback. It's one of five pieces I'm reviewing with a close friend/brother who is giving me his insight in orchestration. Your comments are in line with some of his thoughts. I value your words & continue to strive to make my music the best it can be. Take care & have a safe & super night! Kevin

DeDe WedeKind
over 30 days ago to Tim Juliano

Thanks Tim for your kind review of Canon on the Lord's Prayer. I wrote the melody it's new...& it's not exact lyrics but similar, so that's new too and I made it into a canon or round of sorts, I'm glad you liked the counter melody in the cello-I use cello a lot with vocals because I feel it's a beautiful addition to the human voice... I really appreciate you listening to my music, I'm in LA a lot and would love to meet you someday and chat about what you do. Take care DeDe :) dedewmusic@gmail.com

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Nathaniel Hughes
over 30 days ago

Really great job i listened to two soundtracks so far and they are awsome. I will add some of your soundtracks to my lists;)

Good early morning Tim. Hope you are well. I recently improved the production on Guaracha on Fire. I would really appreciate your feedback, as I value you respected opinion & success. Have a super weekend. Kevin

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