Journey Back

Story Behind The Song

This is an instrumental version of a song I call "Generations". It's about generations of people coming together to live in harmony as one. The instrumental track is popping! Beautiful chords and a jazzy beat are the distinctive characteristics.

Song Description

A smooth groove in 6/4 time but you'd never know it. It has a soulful feel simliar to a Bill Withers or Grover Washinton Jr. groove but without the sax. This song is flowing with ear candy throughout; there are live ethnic percussion instruments such as Tabla, Tonbek and Shakare' blending with traditional drumset all being supported by some tasty keyboard and guitar work.

Song Length 5:02 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Jazz - Modern
Tempo Non 4/4 Mood Pleasant, On Cloud Nine
Similar Artists Lee Ritenour, Herbie Hancock Era 2000 and later

Beautiful intro... nice chord changes and rich sounds. Works into a main theme seamlessly. This could actually be a great music-bed for various film/video production or voiceover work. The solo at the ~3 minute is worth the wait. Nice piece.

nice recording

Absolutely beautiful pieca. The percussion groove on top some beautifully voiced chords make this a truly memerable recording. Sounds are very natural and thick overall. Great listen

This is very nice piece.....

Nice intro, Shaker, guitars, rhythm, well recorded

There are times when repetition can be boring. This is not the case with this song. It's got a memorable chord progression, but it just keeps getting better and better as the track builds to its conclusion. It's got a peaceful, yet energetic groove. I really like the percussion. The well-timed stops with sweet sustained chord on the keys is very effective and pleasant to listen to. Nice job on the guitar work as well!

Awesome job!Especially love the juxtaposition/contrast of the percussion vibe with the guitar. Awesome job.

Really nice chord changes...grabs you right off!! The recording/production sounds very good on my speakers (computer). Like the Latin percussion. Very nice sounding music!! Nice job!!

The piece is nice and smooth. The qualities of musicians are really high. The sound is really pure and moody. An guitar improvisation really perfect, interesting and clever.

Really liked the percussion and drum track - beautifully played or programmed (!). Nice timbres too. If the drums aren't real they sure sound like they are.
Lovely chord progression.
Lovely fat round bass sound too.

Just continuing to listen to this as I write - the drum track sets this into a class above just about anything I hear on here. Really great.

Nice guitar solo too.

I like the sound of the drums, especially in the introduction of this song. I also like the sound of the keyboards and the guitar. Sounds a little like Steely Dan.

Very smooth and chill-out sound. Excellent work.

This is really smooth. Very jazzy. I like it alot. I am finding myself having a hard time trying to write a review because my mind would rather write something to this track. Hahaha. It is really dope. You dont hear alot of stuff lilke this on the radio these days and that is unfortunate. Can't wait to hear more though!

Wow,a good (sounded) guitarist!! nicely produced!

Really enjoyed this song. The piano sounds warm and full, and the chord progression is brilliant. The guitar work is very strong, and to be honest, usually I'm not even a fan of this style of guitar playing - which often sounds too articulate for my taste - but what can I say, the soloing here is very well done. You've found a beautiful tone that works well in the mix, and struck that crucial balance between presenting a skillful display of "chops" and putting forth a convincing amount of soul, which is something that is difficult to accomplish. In this way, I'm reminded a bit of Pat Metheny, with even a hint of Grant Green. The song is well-paced and nicely arranged.

As soon as the song started I started movin' and smiling .... Great beat. You can't sit still.That guitar is singin' .... Is that congas or some kind of hollow drum ????

Music David N Haddad - James Zavaleta Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Dave Haddad - Frank Garrett - Orbel Babayan - James Zavaleta - Iraj Lashkary

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