Nick Fuse spent the early part of his career playing world renowned clubs like CBGBs and My Father's Place with The Lubricants, who later became Overkill. Nick dropped out and went to College in Northern Vermont to study Music, Writing, Drama and Philosophy.

On 9/11, Nick was recreated by the powerful touch of a Guardian Angel, the result of saving his boss's life in sacrifice of his own, for no greater love hath man than this, to lay down his life for another.

To date Nick has two albums, Love & Woe containing works prior to 9/11, and Out of Darkness, the culmination of rising from the dead ten years after.

Since returning as a solo artist, Nick Fuse has had major success on Broadjam with many of his tracks entering the Top 10, mostly due to the love of others and collaboration with other Broadjam artists.

Be the Love!

Sounds Like: John Lennon, Leonard Cohen

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3/9/2022: Two years of forced isolation must come to an end for us to begin again.

Nick Fuse: Out of Darkness comes

Nick Fuse

For modern day Americans, 9/11 is a date that will forever be ingrained in their minds. Everyone was affected differently when the Twin Towers fell to the terrorist attack. Some enlisted, some became more patriotic and some like Nick Fuse was nearly destroyed. A musician long before that unforgettable day, Nick Fuse spent the early part of his career as part of The Lubricants playing everywhere from CBGBs to Manhattan's Mudd Club.

When things abruptly ended for the band, Nick found solace in Northern Vermont studying the basics of humanity; music, writing, religion, sex, art, and drinking. With two albums to his solo name, Nick Fuse captured who he was before 9/11 on Songs of Love & Woe, and who he was post-9/11 on Out of Darkness.

Writing from a place of heartbreak and despair, each varying circumstances, his albums are a sentiment to his greatest gift; his lyricism. He notes, "It is my uniqueness that is both my bane and blessing. Sometimes called the best living lyricist, the subject of my songs and my sound are not LCD, and yet I still make the Top 10. Nobody else could write the songs I do, though some have insisted on covering them and make the song a much bigger success, as in "Happy Song."

Which speaking of, "Happy Song," the final track on his solo debut, is not only his best selling but the one other artists have come to cover the most over the years. Maybe soon some of his other tunes will receive that honor like "Lost Angel," the last song in a semi-autobiographical screenplay he is writing, or "Betterman," a tender song about incest, wife-beating, and every other trouble a woman can get into before she finds a better man.

Like his idols the late Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen, there is a beauty of truth and love in his lyrics. A sentiment celebrated by listeners on Broadjam where Nick Fuse has placed in the Top 10 over the past several years. As Nick Fuse continues to make music that transmits listeners from the mundane to the sublime, he is also focused on finishing up his second screenplay, Higher.

As someone who spent many years in New York City, Nick Fuse was incredibly torn apart by the 9/11 attacks. Not alone in that, he rose above the darkness that was cast upon the city he loved and his own life, to find the beauty in life making both lyrical greatness within his music, as well as his screenplays.

Nick Fuse and the Dementos

Once, long ago, in the frozen hills of Northern Vermont, the Dementos came together for a brief moment as a fearless force for the Greater Glory of God and Art.

During my Darkest Hour, they were drawn like Lunar Moths to the Frozen Flame of my heart.

Angels of Mercy, they may be departed and gone, but in my melted heart they live forever, playing my UnPop and Uneasy Listening tunes to my direction and imperfection.

A gift from God, Nick Fuse and the Dementos (to remind us that we are all imperfect).


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over 30 days ago to Nick Fuse

thanks so much, Nick, for the stars on Weightless. Very best wishes to you. jay

Chet Nichols
over 30 days ago to Nick Fuse

Hey Nick,

Thanks for the 5-stars on my song, "The Sands Of Time" (Solo). I really appreciate it and am glad you enjoyed the song.

Chet Nichols

PS I think you'd enjoy another song I penned, "Six Feet Under".....strong song about rising above the weights that hold us all down. It is on my "Hollywood Altars" (New) album.... Peace.

Edward Michaels
over 30 days ago to Nick Fuse

Thank you Nick!

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