Such A Pretty Thing

Story Behind The Song

"Same old 12 bar Blues" as the late great George Harrison once sang. I did manage to escape a 3 cord arrangement, and found a friend in D minor and co. That espescially works well with Michael's outstanding piano solo.

Song Description

Performance credits are: Scott, vocals, acoustic guitar, organ, and clavinet. Michael, piano, synthesizer, (and arrangement of horns). Stacey, harmony vocals. Trevor, electric bass guitar. Darrell, drums.

Song Length 3:18 Genre Blues - Rock, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Gloomy Subject Heartbreak, General
Similar Artists The Allman Brothers Band Language English


Such a pretty thing we've got going on here, be a doggone shame to see it all disappear...these blues are deep down in my bones and sometimes girl, they ain't no fun, when your loves locked away, feels just like a rainy day...seems like nothin' I can do, can't find a single word to say darling!, to a heartache we'll be prone if we leave this love alone, got your love locked away...I know I never could say it, but I swear my love is true...the whole world's split in two, darling (you) got me singin' the blues...we've got precious little time, the sky is startin' to snow, gotta head way back down south, before that 'ole volcano blows darling! baby hang on to it, ain't no need to fuss and fight, got your love locked away, oh the blues are here to stay...I'm burnin' rubber in fourth gear, past the red line in my mind darling! way down deep inside, I try to run but cannot hide when your love's locked away...(piano solo)...such a pretty thing we've got going on here...such a cryin' shame to see it all disappear! don't deny it, I can see it in your eyes, got your love locked away...

The blend is wonderful..... I starting to move my feet. I feel the groove....

Love the rhythm...good dance tune

Very commercial sound. Nice and tight, good vocals, and keyboards. Upbeat and peppy, great opportunity to be used in a film, commercial, tv, etc... Nice work!!

I like the vocals. The Harmonies were good too. Great piano playing. I like the horn background also. The mix is very good also. The song has a good tempo. The lyrics are good. The arrangement is right on.

this is good, nicely Dr. John sound. This could be a sound track for a movie

Well, put together piece of music. Loving it.

Good old blues music!

Loved the brass section which really grew on me. The vocal combo was very tight and created a unique sound.

Great song! The horns are great as well as vocals.

Band sounds good .Song moves along well!

Good song, great arraignment, on the beat,original.

Great production. Cool vibe. Awesome vocals. Great lyrics. Especially love the brass section. Keyboard is great as well. Nice job!

YAY!--great song!--i wouldn't change a thing!--I LOVE IT!--had me tappin my feet!--cheers--joe.

Gonna have to give this a good rating because You deserve it,good job well done.

Love the horns on this!

Great blues track......really well put together....

Lyrics Scott D. Tingley Music Scott D. Tingley
Producer Anthony Iannucci & Scott Tingley Publisher Independent
Performance Scott Tingley & studio band Label Searing Technicolor
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