Half A Heart

Story Behind The Song

This started out as a simple folk song on just the acoustic guitar. I then brought "Half A Heart" to the studio to hear it with more musicians, and it soon evolved into the sound it now has. It helps when everyone you play with likes the song.

Song Description

Performance credits are: Scott: vocal, acoustic and electric guitars. Michael: piano and Hammond B3 organ. Stacey: harmony vocal. Trevor: electric bass guitar. Darrell: drums.

Song Length 3:31 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject General, General Similar Artists The Allman Brothers Band, The Beatles
Language English


In the black of night it shines, although not as it once had, still got a lot of love and devotion, and compassion for his fellow man...he knows damn well not to do a fool thing, like asking, where she's been...half a heart...will shine...half a heart is strong than the pain sometimes endured, other half does keep the faith, and their love is assured...yesterday a boy met a girl...she was the image of Mary herself...but he was much too young and randy, with rapture in his own self...when that bird had flown and he was all alone, he was too weak, to ask why, half a heart...barely alive! half a heart adrift in time, wiser and aware, other half illuminates the tender smile she wears...(piano and guitar solos)...Tomorrow...just another word for pain...that sunrise on the horizon, bringin' on another day...but she ain't got time for no pain or self pity, as she works, her deeds of love! Half a heart, will shine...

A complete foot tapping masterpiece for me. Can't really say anymkore than that. Liked it!

Very nice tune with a very authentic roots / rock arrangement and a solid hook.

Really like the snare sound!
Very balanced mix... very natural, like a band in the room playing the song!
Good arrangement: Good use of backing vocals, bridge, and trading lead roles between keys and guitar.

Great song- very classic feel. Instrumentation and voices all sound very polished and clear. The organ tone is perfect for this kind of tune.

Please check out my band Livewire- and throw a 'like' our way if you are feeling generous!:)

nice groove - good smooth melody...

A really good song this. I like it a lot.

Lyrics Scott D. Tingley Music Scott D. Tingley
Producer Anthony Iannucci & Scott Tingley Publisher Independent
Performance S. Tingley & studio band Label Searing Technicolor
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