A List to be Mislaid

Story Behind The Song

The Russian Revolution, Doctor Zivago.

Song Description

Performance credits are: Scott, electric and acoustic guitars, piano. Michael, synthesizer. Bill, violin. Stacey, background vocals. Trevor, bass guitar. Darrell, drums and percussion. (Strings arranged by Michael and Scott).

Song Length 3:52 Genre Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Troubled, Diplomatic Subject Revolution, Existence
Similar Artists The Moody Blues Language No Language


His beloved Lara, tonight travels to another land, a nameless number on a list to be mislaid...'cause Mother Russia's passion, became big brother's scorn, for his healing hands do write the lines, that set her people free...tonight a thousand people die, ten thousand souls barely alive...poets and the dreamers on a stage for a one night stand...'cause big brother's on their heels and the man is at the door! (short instrumental break)...He was frozen, cold and hungry, but Lord, he did not feel the pain, when he awoke to the glowing light, of her angelic gaze...as he looks toward the sun in the sky, the clouds roll by, the angels start to cry...balalaika ringin' out the notes of a song been heard before, as the sun begins to shine, a heart takes wings and soars, the serenade of her soul gonna lead him on and on...(instrumental break)...His beloved Lara, tonight travels to another land, a nameless number on a list to be mislaid...Larissa's wonder moves his hand and stirs the soul...a whirlwind a blowin' as the words begin to flow...a symphony of verses, crashing symbols, notes in quartertones...the serenade of her soul gonna lead him on and on...

Sounds like a very well produced and mixed track. This sounds great. The vocal choir parts sound really great and really bring the track up. Lead guitar parts sound really well played and fill out the track nicely with the lack of vocals. Acoustic guitar sounds great as well. Very nice work on this song. Could hear this in a movie or TV show as like a theme or traveling, being on the road, or moving on with life in general.

Top notch instrumentation and a really well arranged and produced piece. I love the way it takes off at the 2 minute mark. This piece should fit well in TV or movie.

Wonderful recording! Awesome tune for commercial use, film or tv synching like the Weather Channel. Musicianship is very good

Love the parts with the Phrygian mode giving the tune a Middle Easter flavor to it. It was sort of unexpected after the opening acoustic guitar. I liked the climb at 2:00 too. I could hear this in some sort of slow motion sports highlight reel.

Very atmospheric instrumental piece, well arranged and performed.

This sounds so refreshing and brilliant

Such a beautiful and soothing song. Great music and the instrumentation is off the charts. The whole band is amazing and I truly loved this song. Very gifted players but the Guitarist is incredible to say the least. Standing ovation!!!! Bravo!!!!

nice track, the acoustic guitar is cool; loved it around 1:18

Nice background track that could be used for TV or Film placement.

Sounds great.

great hook, great playing, excellent stuff

Lyrics Scott D. Tingley Music Scott D. Tingley
Producer Anthony Iannucci & Scott Tingley Publisher Searing Technicolor
Performance S. Tingley and studio band Label Searing Technicolor
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