Half The Day (W/Stacey Allison)

Story Behind The Song

For the bridge, I depart from G natural, and make the arrangement with the guitar and piano solos. Since I'm not always big fan of hooks, I left one out.

Song Description

Performance credits are: Stacey, lead, harmony, and background vocals. Michael, electric piano, synthesizer, (and arrangement of strings). Scott, acoustic guitar. Trevor, acoustic bass guitar. Darrell, drums.

Song Length 2:02 Genre Folk - Rock, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Exultant, In High Spirits Subject Existence, Spirituality
Similar Artists The Carpenters Language English


Been rackin' my brain nearly half the day (half of the day), tryin' to find the clever group of words to say, what I feel for you my love is way down deep in the heart (deep in the heart), seems like the only place a country girl could start...but boy...I love you so, boy...the good Lord knows...He's laid the plans darling that will keep our love alive, a bond of faith and hope to stand the test of time...(guitar and piano solos)...Now I've heard tell runs a river of wine (river of wine), a spiritual elixir of the body and mind, drink up her love and ever be true (ever be true), or let me tell ya brother, you'll be singin' the blues...but boy...I love you so, boy...the good Lord knows...

Great melodic into and strong vocals skills with really tight harmonies. Also liking the instrumentation. This song moves really well through its changes and has a way of pulling the listen in from the first bar. A strong performance and quality recording make this track really shine. Good work.

Beautiful tune. Lead vocals are right on point. The arrangement and musicianship is excellent.

Really good song.

very talented singer. I also like the bass work.

I like the music in this song. The vocals are great. The harmonies are really nice. The arrangement is really good too. Sweet song, keep it up!!!

All of the instrumentation is excellent on this track. Vocals are excellent and the whole track has a good feel. Love the vocal harmonies as well. Rhodes solo in the middle is a really nice touch. Lyrics are ok and about standard for this genre although the chord progressions are more original.

that first minor chord in the intro hooked me right away at .03

The vocals on this piece are amazing. Intonation, breath, sustain - all great. And the harmonies were excellent. The instrumentation was also very well done, but I absolutely want to hear more from this artist based on just the vocal performance alone. Great work there.

A compelling melody, some lovely harmonic touches and chord structure. I like the way it takes off at 1.00. I also enjoyed the electric piano when it came in. Strong melody. Nice understated lead guitar.

Lyrics Scott D. Tingley Music Scott D. Tingley
Producer Anthony Iannucci & Scott Tingley Publisher TBA
Performance Stacey Allison on vocals with studio band Label Independent
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Rachel Joy Great Folk 6/1/2016
Bill Dake My Top Songs 2/1/2015
Crosseyed Miles Jams I dig.. 3/28/2013
Penny Towers Great songs with unique harmonies and back up vocals 2/8/2011

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