HeartStrings (medley)

Story Behind The Song

This song was initially rehearsed and played mostly in an open-jam environment. It naturally evolved and has developed rather quickly into it's present sound. The chemistry was fantastic that afternoon we recorded the final...it was my birthday!

Song Description

Performance credits are: Scott: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, organ @ intro. Stacey: vocals. Bill: fiddle. Michael, piano and Hammond B3 organ. Trevor, electric bass guitar, and background vocal. Darrell: drums and percussion. It's like transposing music from the key of C or to the key of F or transposing the score for my guitar to B-flat cornet. It's the same thing, I have to transpose her to the key, to another year and ink in the notes, to hold her hand, to compose again, this dissonant coda.

Song Length 5:53 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Welcoming, Engaging Subject Lost Love, General
Similar Artists The Allman Brothers Band, The Beatles Language English


No reply to my letter that I sent last summer, must have been quite a shock for that girl to hear from me...Lord have mercy on a soul a livin' in a memory...Lord have mercy when the heartstrings take control,(la, la, la), takin' everything an everyman been working for (la, la, la), leavin' nothin' but the pain in the heart and the soul..(piano solo)...Let me write to you each brand new season...every card I send will be with rhyme and reason...and our hearts will soar with a new found freedom, we'll forget what we were fighting for, and little darling we can talk about Michael and Randy and 'ole Frau Lawson, and two card Andy, let me write to you each brand new season, I will love you forever more...(guitar solo)...Got a reply to my letter that I sent last summer, (you) should have seen me hit the floor when that girl she smiled at me! Lord have mercy on two souls a playin' out a destiny...Lord have mercy when the heartstrings take control (la, la la), givin' everything an everyman been prayin' for (la, la, la), leavin' nothin' but the love in the heart and the soul...

Some solid musicianship here

Cool piece with a great intro and really good transitions throughout. All vocals are very pleasing and harmonies are great.

This is a beautiful down home country Rock duet. Excellent instrumentation, beautiful tune, and great performance. The guitar work is gorgeous and the vocals are well balanced and smooth.Definitely a song that makes you want to throw your cowboy hat on, grab your partner and dance/sway together under a blanket of stars and the moon shining over head, or anywhere else for that matter

I really enjoyed the guitar.

Pro songwriting with great vocals (male and female, backups)and instruments, great chops!

Love this song, lots of nice variation keeps it interesting, good instrumentation and sweet vocal.

A nice, laid back country-rock groove. Lots of changes to keep the ear satisfied. Has strong jam-band roots, it seems to me. It's a very interesting blend, as though the Grateful Dead had come from Tennessee, instead of NorCal.

Lyrics Scott D. Tingley Music Scott D. Tingley
Producer Anthony Iannucci & Scott Tingley Publisher Searing Technicolor
Performance Scott Tingley & studio band Label Independent
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