Lost Love

Story Behind The Song

I am glad to have my daughter Caroline play her flute on this song. Along with her is me on vocals, acoustic guitar, and electric piano. Stacey is on vocals. Michael, piano, synthesizer,(and arrangement of strings). Trevor, acoustic bass guitar. Darrell, drums.

Song Description

This tune builds to one hook at the end of the song. I write of beautiful Mary who is so close to me, living in the light of spirituality...believing...

Song Length 4:12 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Serene, Joyful Subject Spirituality
Similar Artists The Eagles Language English


Boy, you're reachin' out...for a lost love, a girl you knew from yesterday...it's her lost love now, you keep locked away, that keeps you going from day to day...but oh how you cried, when she walked out of your door, I thought I heard you say life wasn't worth livin' no more...'til you awake to a light, shining high from up above...you take a look inside your heart, and that's where you find her love...(short instrumental break)...Girl! you're reachin' out now, for a lost love, a boy you knew from yesterday...it's his lost love girl, you like to hide away, that keeps you on your merry way...'cause oh how he lied!, that's why you walked out of his life, still in your deepest dreams, you hold his love with all your might...for the first time in your life, you fall down on your knees...three words he couldn't say girl, have now become so clear...(instrumental break)...Now I know how hard it is, sometimes to believe...you take a look around and half the world's up the devil's sleeve! But you fight for what you love, 'cause in your heart you do believe...looks like you've won another battle, 'cause the devil's takin' heat...Yeah! we're reaching out now, for that lost love...joy will reign on judgement day...

Very nice listen. Reminiscent of the Eagles and that West Coast laid-back rock sound. Liked the vocal and all the instrumentation. Strong rhythm groove, and tasty solo flourishes carried well throughout the song. The lyrics were nicely phrased throughout by the lead singer, and while familiar to songs in this genre, the verses and chorus added to the flow of the song and were strong enough to keep the listener involved. The arrangement was familiar, but again fit in with the genre. The quality of the recording came through clearly when listening on the headphones.

Very nice, chilling and mellow piece with a great flow and great choice of instruments. Vocals are perfect for this piece. Good message.

Great production, the music suits the lyric perfectly. Love the use of the piano. Backgrounds really helped put the emotion into the song. Kept me listening to the end of the song, the lyric should hit home for everyone, well done!

This is a truly feel good kind of song. Loving it.

Great song and very good performances. It has a country feel with a little bit of early Eagles mixed in but still sounds original. Great job!

Has a nice flow; good instrumentation. Has a live band in the back of the country, honky-tonk bar feel.

Lyrics Scott D. Tingley Music Scott D. Tingley
Producer Anthony Iannucci & Scott Tingley Publisher Independent
Performance S. Tingley & studio band Label Searing Technicolor
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