Rainy Night

Song Length 4:13 Genre Blues - Rock

Ultra cool compostion. Badass guitar playing. Arrangement remains interesting throughout. Great work!

Nice composition. Cery melodic guitar track.

This song is deep. It is more fusionesque than Blues. I really like it as some of my influences were Chick Corea Al Dimeola, Jan Hammer, Joe Zawinul...many more. The guitar work is excellent. I would worry about the marketing potential because many of the main stream listeners may not understand what you're doing in the blues category. Nice percussion work adds depth. All in all, a great track

Very good and somewhat mysterious sounding piece that leaves you wanting more. Percussion work is out of this world and guitar work is very very tasty.

You really found a way to make the guitar almost sound as if it was talking. Really enjoyed the instrumental!

Shades of Jeff Beck/Jan Hammer abound. Nice blend of jazz, rock and blues. Good job!


Hard to tell if its a synth or a guitar,nicely played what ever it is. Good job

I like the instrumental parts of the song.

Great playing, good quality recording, nothing hear to critique

sweet power guitar....nice chording...and sweeeping arpeggios...

Reminds me of Garry Moore. Awesome sound

Superb guitar work for sure. Love the stops and the versatility the lead player has. what soul, Amazing track, keep up the great work :)

I like the sound of the drums and the cool drum rolls as well, I also really love all the guitar riffs and runs - Great stuff!

Nice Job ON the song It def has market potential very bluesy feel to it you hit it right on the nose I could see this in a steven Segal film great instrumentation it all flowed together very well keep up the good work looking forward to hearing more from you

The over all song was very nice and had sort of a Santana feel from one of their first albums. Can't recall the song but first song of Santana's that comes to mind is Sambapata the "B": side of Oye Coma Va. Another Santana comes to mind the title escapes me.

love the feel. good movie music

Slow moving but eventually energetic jazz guitar piece with some very interesting drums. A very cool out of the box ending.

Not at all what I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised by the straight up blues band, with shades of SRV on guitar, and the weirdest picture popped in my head that Chuck Mangione night just jump in with you, and start taking your nice, solid tune to some magical level.

Smooth operators indeed, very reminiscent of Carlos in both style and tone. Nice melodic guitar excursion.

This has a nice, laid back feel with very nice guitar work. Although very bluesy, it also had a smooth jazz feel that carried well throughout. The chord changes worked well and made it interesting.

I'm liking it! Reminds me a of Chick Cores in the days of 'Returm To Forever' ... check it out. Quite a few good thing in there which could complement each other.

like the beginning. this reminds me of "down by the river". Nice guitar tone by the way. or even Pink Floyd. Nice chord changes.

This is an interesting instrumental track featuring electric guitar. Not really easy listening, not "hard" listening, but something in-between. Whoever played the guitar lead sure knows his/her chops. Played with a lot of feeling and passion. Drummer accompanies nicely, keys are in a nice groove too.

It's well done, the lead guitar sounds smooth and full. Bluesy-jazzy stuff.

Music Marc S. Pate Publisher Marc S. Pate
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