Rollin' In Your Arms

Song Description

just a feel good shuffle with a little different turnaround.

Song Length 3:17 Genre Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Language English


Got the to dow tunes up
Driving in the springtime sun
I'm just cruising down the highway
Praying for the day to end
Cause when I get to where I'm going
I'll be rollin' in your arms again

Its been too cold too long
Living here without your love
But the suns back lets heat it up
And get it back where it belongs
Cause when I get to where I'm going
I'll be rollin' in your arms again

I've been too gone too long
Missing out on all your love
But I'm coming home we'll get it done
And put it back where it belongs
Cause when I get to where I'm going
I'll be rollin' in your arms again

Fun, fun track, remnicent of Stray Cats, but a bit more jazzy without any overdrive on the guitar. Great playing overall.

great groove - band is tight - love the soli parts.

really sweet solos throughout - sax and guitar are especially hot.

really love the whole jump jive retro feel of this. way to go!

vocalist is playing it cool, melody lines fit right in.

Outstanding! Sounds like Modern Texas Swing. Happy, Happy. The musicianship was excellent. The hook works. I loved the break in the middle...really led nicely to the sax solo and then the electic piano, both of which were tasty. I liked the production quality. This one really stands out as exceptional. I can't say enough good things about it about it.

Very pleasant song - All the instruments were balanced well and played together fluidly. I immediately wondered why it was in the Blues Rock category, as it should be listed as a Boogie, but then realized that category doesn't exist so you had to pick the closest thing.

Right on the money. It swings! Great playing on all the instruments. Great mix and production. the arrangement is tight. Sweet soloing--no weak links at all. Of course the vocal is sweet and smooth as silk! This is the shit! It hits the spot for me! Great work!

Love it, perfect, great playing and vocals sound just right, fun song / good swing baby!!

Love this one

Sweet song, easy to listen to, upbeat and fun, great instrumentation and vocals. I bet you sound great live!

Very cool song great instruments and vocals


Classical sounding blues piece with a good steady beat and really good instrumentation.

Its more honky tonk than rock blues

Love, love, love this.

Love the very hip, cool overall vibe of this track. Very well done. sweeps the listener right away. excellent instrumentation, as well. Great transitions. Love it!

Sweet tune....
nothing but positivity..

Superb work. Can't think of anything I would do differently.

More instrumental than lyrical, this fun-to-listen-to song is light, crazy fun and dance-able for sure. The instrumentation and production are very high-class and incredibly good. I can just see everyone wanting to get up and dance to this tune. Awesome introduction. Love the sax! Keyboard player totally rocks. "Rollin' in Your Arms Again." Excellent phrase! Great job, guys!

Great feel to this track, like the guitar solo, love the change @ 1:20 (reminds me of Little Feat) & great sax ride following with a great sound, love the change @ 2:50

nice arrangement between horns keyboard and guitar.

Grooving beat real jazzy and a smoking hot guitar player. The arrangement is absolutely perfect. The keyboards are killer and the horn track spot on fella.....5 Stars winner winner chicken dinner.

Very nice, tight swing tune. Good jazz chord work on guitar and the sax was outstanding (I love sax!). This really grabbed me and kept me swinging the entire way. The vocal tone was just right for this and the entire performance was outstanding.

I really like the the liveliness of this song. The vocals are really good. I liked the saxophone a lot. The piano is really kickin' also. The drums are really drivin' too. I like this song.

great instrumentation. organ, sax and vocals are on point. has a real new Orleans feel, musicianship is brilliant. can here this being played on blues radio stations, has a jazz vibe to the sax which is great.

Oh, this is ALL GREAT!! Love the playing...Wowza, Love the lead vocal, oh, so nice!! If you can't move to this music, you need to see your local doctor, you've either got a hearing problem or you absolutely have no rhythm! What is left to say????? Great Job BOYS!! We are big fans now!!!! Can't wait to see who played this song???

Really well played jump swing blues in the style of Route 66, super sax solo, solid vocal, great playing all around, clever arrangement. Love it.

Great Vibe! This tune moves me, and it sounds great. Great overall

This, for me, is a tough one. I really enjoyed the musicianship. Good solos, interesting arrangement and strong back up. Also recorded well. The song... see constructive comments.

Lyrics Marc S. Pate Music Marc S. Pate
Producer Dave Copenhaver - Studio 7 Performance Marc S. Pate-guitar/vocal, Dave Copenhaver-bass, Dennis Borycki-keyboard, Steve Short-drums; Morris McCraven-saxophone
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