Love Will Find You

Song Length 5:32 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


You're alone again tonight
No where you want to go
You've got friends you could call
But its just not quite the same
Its not the way it was
It seems so long agYou're o

You've moved on with your life
But now you're just afraid
That you don't have what it takes
Your chance has passed you by
Convinced you'll be alone
For the rest of your life

You've lost at love before
And now you're afraid
That life is just passing you by
But you can never give up
Cause the mystery of love
Is where it comes from
And how it finds you
Cause you can never find love
Love will find you

You've got so much to give
You just don't realize
You think you're past your prive
But you've only just begun
Now you're finally on your own
Just let things fall in place

Don't be afraid to love and lose
Cause it wasn't your fault
You gave it all you had
Believe me he's the one that lost

Love the guitar intro , quite beautiful .

this is nice...............

Nice layer back tune

Pretty lyric. No repetition at all. Tells a story in song. This would make a great slow dance song in a club.
The singer's voice is smooth and relaxing.
There doesn't really seem to be a hook though.

The lyric is very strong the instrumentation was refreshingly unique especially in the beginning before the lyrics started. Nice guitar licks.

There's a lot to like about this song with some very tasty playing overall. Love the fretless bass and the keys particularly. The vocal is affecting and easy to take.

Good lyrics here. Sounds like a song meant to encourage and inspire.The song has good form. The instruments provide good support in good arrangement. This songs reminds me of the Air Supply song "Lost in love" in slower form.

A real nice, soft introduction. The theme is similar to the song, "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" England Dan & John Ford Coley. It's a nice song to listen to if you want to relax.

That Guitar picking is perfect. Instruments are very good. Love that Fretless Bass. The Vocal and instrument ballance is good. I can hear everything. vocal is King, got that perfect in the mix.

Nice easy listening song! Vocalist has real emotion and tells the story well! good job!

Lyrics Marc S. Pate Music Marc S. Pate
Producer Dave Copenhaver Performance Marc S. Pate-guitar/vocal, Dave Copenhaver-bass; Dennis Borycki-keyboards; Steve Short-drums
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