LightFinger is an East Coast band, known for performing live shows, and recording studio projects together in relative obscurity.

As opportunities arise, the band plays with a wide circle of gifted musicians and singers, in a number of different states.

For years the band has performed in most popular venues from NYC to Nashville.

Sounds Like: The Black Crowes, Gov't Mule

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As the world changes for the worse, it seems like now is the time to get back to the business of trying to change things for the better.

I've been gone for quite a long time, sometimes thinking I might never find a reason to return.

Well...I'm back.

And the reason is a whole lot more than songs.

But, I look forward to getting in touch with some of my old friends here, while I keep on trying to work things out.

Talk to you all soon...


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over 30 days ago to LightFinger

Tell Me Something is well produced with a good melody. Good message but not quite defined. Poor rhyme structure in the verses and I would sing a chorus after the 2nd verse, then bridge and chorus again. Good voice and vocal performance.

Marc S. Pate
over 30 days ago to LightFinger

Thanks for the review of Rainy Night! Marc

over 30 days ago to LightFinger

Greetings to all my friends and partners on Broadjam! I'm sorry for such a long, unexpected absence without warning anyone of our intention to rest, reflect, refine and re-invent ourselves. We revamped our sound, our souls, and ourselves. Then we fueled up for an even bigger onslaught with greater potential for success than even our most exciting, recent venture. With a new sense of purpose, and tenacity, we will launch a full attack, to find, mine, refine, and shine the anthems of a new generation, which we plan to be heralded as the soundtrack of a new generation. With confidence and excitement, we are pleased to announce our triumphant return to creating a wealth of musical mediocrity we can all shrug our shoulder at, and roll our eyes over. Let's all keep enthusiasm high, and expectations low. That way, no one leaves disappointed. God Bless all of you! I'll be back with an update if we ever get lucky enough to live up to the hype.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and concerns,

Tony G. from LightFinger

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