Old Man

Song Length 4:35 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Country - Contemporary


He always sits in the same old chair
And at every meal says the same old prayer
He doesn't move like he used to do
His thoughts are many, but his words are few

So tell me old man
What do you know
And tell me where have you been
And tell me old man what do you know
And where will you go
Old man

He often dreams though he's wide awake
About what God gives and what God takes
His once strong body now weathered and worn
His wrinkled expression sometimes looks forlorn

I've seen the good
I've seen the bad
I've gone where I needed to go
I hope I lent a hand and fulfilled the plan
I hope that grace will bring me back home
Time will tell

Mellow, kind of psychedelic flavored rock song. Very not nicely performed, mixed and produced. The song kept reminding me of "Wooden Ships" by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Great vocals man!! Nice structure

cool jazzy feel with nice chordings - reminds me a bit of some of the material on Cros (David Crosby)

instruments are solid, production very sweet

lyric content interesting and melancholic.

I dig the vibe of this cross between America and Neil Young style song. It's timeless. Good performance and production!

Cool song!! Love the vibe....laid back and sweet! Really intriguing lyric! Musicianship is strong and the vocal is delivered very passionately. This fires on all cylinders!!

This song reminds me of the cool stuff from the seventies like 'Summer Breeze.' Also kind of fits in with America and bands like that. The recording is seamless and well done. Sounds like a bunch of seasoned pros. Sounds like every one knows their parts well and have been doing this for some time now.

Nice and smooth piece with very good instrumentation and a really soothing sound. Really good "life ballad." Really nice instrumental break for the outro.

A great tune and a great listen! Written so well, performed perfectly and topped off with a smooth vocal that sits just right in the mix. And the production is right on the money. Some fine work throughout this tune for sure. Bravo all over this thing!!

It's a sophisticated song, between pop and a mellow blues/jazz atmosphere; for some reason the voice reminds of certain prog-rock singers, anyway it's an excellent and personal voice. And excellent is the whole piece too, including performance, instrumentation and recording.

Lyrics Marc S. Pate Music Marc S. Pate
Producer Dave Copenhaver - Studio 7 Performance Marc S. Pate-guitar/vocals, Dave Copenhaver-bass, Dennis Borycki-keyboards, Steve Short-drums
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