Just Another Day

Song Length 3:05 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)


Its just another day
You and me just like its always been
And I'm htnkful thatyou're still around
You make my day by simply being there, so we can share

Just another day
Hand in hand we go along the way
Sharing hopes and dreams and family
We're growing old together gracefully

You know the roads been long
Ands its had its ups and downs
But we're still in love
And I'm glad that we are still

Looking foward to another day
Waking up beside you makes me smile
We kiss we hug we say good-bye
Then we head to work to earn our way

Then I call you up
Just to hear your voice and say hello
We can talk about just anything
But its love I hear and love I share

Some say that love can fade
But ours has grown
Throught the years the tears the joys have made us one

Very cool and unusual country song. Cool use of a few jazz chords reminiscent og John Mayer or Andy Summers. I reaaly liked this piece.

This really a good song ..... good voice

This had a soothing sound....vocal clear....background music fits the song

Not country at all

I really like this song. It proves that you don't have to have every word rhyming. I could feel your happiness and gratefulness in this track. Awesome! Great job!

Makes me feel like I'm driving in the car on a sunny day with the one I love, feeling happy and taking a moment to feel grateful, life is good. Sweet and nostalgic, the music pairs well with the lyrics and content, leaves the listener with a good feeling!


the instrumentation is cool and nice guitar

I think the recording of this song is very good. There are a lot of good bits throughout. The positiveness of the song lyrics and instrumentation make me think it is very marketable. Nice guitar hook too.

This track has a great clean crisp guitar intro, and shows an incredibly good groove, with a strong arrangement and quality instrumentation throughout. I feel there is a good market for this kind of alt-Country/Americana style of music which crops up more often nowadays, and this song could be a very strong contender.

The song has a good feel too it. The instrumentation and vocals worked well for the song. The lyrics tell a story. The arrangement and production were also done well. It's a very catchy song to listen to. I enjoyed it.

love that opening acoustic guitar very nice. nice arrangement. keeps me humming.

Nice lilting quality to the groove and sound. Like the mellow vibe.

Great little jazzy backing track..lively syncopation ....Good idea to be looking forward to another day...even if it's "just another day"...positive vibes.

I really like the lead vocals, very smooth - I also like the drums, keyboards and bass guitar - sounds a bit like Doby Gray.

It has a nice feel to it. I liked the song. A few tweaks would make it really good.

Pleasant and smooth mellow blues-pop.

i like the combination of instruments. the voice sounds nice with the tone used. great start and come in. nice job on that.

Lyrics Marc S. Pate Music Marc S. Pate
Producer Dave Copenhaver - Studio 7 Performance Marc S. Pate-guitar/vocal, Dave Copenhaver-bass, Dennis Borycki-keyboards, Steve Short-drums

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