Far From Home (feat. David Luke)

Song Description

A story about a female runaway flower child on the highway with friends.

Song Length 2:35 Genre Folk - Rock, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Nervous Subject Highway, Street, Road, Freedom
Similar Artists Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


You're a runaway flower child of the land
Skipping and tripping over patches of sand
Now you're running far, as far as you can
To get far from home, far from home.

Yeah, the vistas are endless and the highway is long
Your friends are loose and you're singing a song
The car is old but the spirit is strong
To get far from home, far from home.

Follow your heart and see what it is you can find
You might run out of money but I know you won't run out of time.

And when you drive into a strange new town
Do you see cold faces and do you see frowns?
Does it feel like you've got no friends around
When you're far from home, far from home.

Follow your heart and see what it is you can find
You might run out of money but I know you won't run out of time.

So when they take advantage of you
Until your heart is breaking in two
Do you know what you're going to do?
'Cause you're far from home, far from home
Far from home.

I like the vocal and the airy sound of the tune. Good hook! Has a Noel Gallagher sound.

Nice song , well performed .

melodic folk rock, well performed, nice guitar work

Sunny beautiful acoustic guitar with a recognizable melody in the introduction immediately attracts attention and makes you want to listen further. After that, the voice decides everything - a great voice. Of course, the production is also great, the arrangement is cool, but the vocals are sooo incredible.
The material is universal - such music is taken with great pleasure in the cinema. Moreover, in this case, it can sound both in the film and in the cartoon. Children would be delighted too. The song is very memorable and you want to dance to it.

Fantastic energy and the band is super-tight. I really enjoyed the vocalist's clarity and pitch control...backing vocals also strong. This was way more powerful than I expected when I saw "Folk Rock" as the category. Really delivers a nice pop. One of the best of this genre on Broadjam for sure and the recording is flat out GREAT, as is the mix levels on instrumentation and vocals. Bravo.

Pleasing and well constructed piece with a very good flow and well crafted lyrics. Vocals and instrumentation are nice.

Far from home is a strong song ...... nice

Catchy song progression and lyrics. Good job with the harmonies and basic structure of the track. This is a well constructed and thought out song that keeps the listener engaged. Instrumentation was bright and clear. Good tune, thanks for sharing it.

This song reminded me of the 1970's. Reminiscent of a hippie hitchhiking down the road...just to get away. Far from home - very memorable hook. I love the lyric "might run out of money but won't run out of time." That's a keeper! Crystal clear lyric, nice guitar work/instrumentation.

Lyrics John Walradt Music John Walradt
Producer John Walradt Performance David Luke, Andrei, John Walradt
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