Stay Here Now (feat. Clay Collins)

Story Behind The Song

Before we married, Lora was in Portland and I was in Phoenix, and I was waiting for her to come here so we could be together.

Song Length 2:56 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Endearing Subject Long, Engagement
Similar Artists David Gates Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Would you like to spend the hours beside me
I will if you will stay here now
Let the days go into years together
I will if you will stay here now
No, no, no, I cannot take another day
With you a thousand miles away
When you come back let me hear you say
That you will stay here now.

Spending hours on the phone to hear you
It wraps me like a blanket now
A glass of wine, a book, a soft light
If you could be beside me now
No, no, no, I cannot take another day
With you a thousand miles away
When you come back let me hear you say
That you will stay here now.

I've been staring out the window
Sunlight sweeps across the floor
I don't have much to show you
But together we can find much more
So much more.

If you would spend the hours beside me
I will if you will stay here now
Let the days go into years forever
I will if you will stay here now
No, no, no, I cannot take another day
With you a thousand miles away
When you come back let me hear you say
That you will stay here now.

lyrics/rhythm good
instruments great
vocal harmonies superb
sounds like the band "America"

I really hear this as Adult Contemporary rather than Pop-Rock. Great classic sound.

Good song writing and arrangements. Production level is rather good (clear mix and good mastering). Vocals and back vocals are on spot. This is market-ready material.
Good be a good fit for a romance movie

Really nice vocal on this track; backgrounds and harmonies really nice. This almost took back to classics from The Carpenters, The Lettermen, Climax, etc. all good things. Nice bridged and modulation. Great job on this retro pop song!

It's got the monkeys or the male version of the carpenters singer written all over it! It's a hit!!
LC Team

Nice and easy on the ear , with some lovely harmonies .

Nice vocals, very 70s throwback sound. The band is well-mixed and tight, and the song builds nicely. I think labeling this entirely POP as opposed to Pop/Rock would be appropriate in getting the right ears on it. Really good for a 60s 70s era background, could easily appear in film or tv. Well done on the mix.

What a brilliant voice! Reminds me of Nick Kershaw. Incredible colorful backing vocals! Very interesting melodic improvisation. Until the very end, parts appear more and more interesting. The track keeps the listener's attention until the very end.
Such material is in great demand on the market. A gentle light romantic song - it will definitely find its place in the film.

good tune
great vocal presentation
pretty good mix
nice chord changes
nice hook and bridge wonderful harmonies

I immediately enjoyed the song from the beginning. I found the arrangements, harmony, melody all good. The song is well put together perfect to hear on the radio whilst driving.

Love your lush vocal sound I am a sucker for those maj and minor seventh chords. Very reminiscent of Mamas and Papas, America, Seals and Croft, Jimmy Webb style of songs. Love them.Love the instrumentation but have commented further below. You remind me of a young Gerry Beckly (America) so nice to hear a great expressive singer!!

Solidly constructed, all componets work nicely together
Reminds me4 of CARPENTER arrangements

Nice quality recording. Very good balance between all of instruments, and the vocals. Interesting and effective harmonies. I don't typically listen to this genre of music, but I appreciate the technical quality of this piece!

This recording has a really awesome "feel" to it. Hard to describe fully. It reminds me of some easy listening hits of the '70s. The vocals and harmonies are full and sweet and really round the recording out. The lyrics are sincere without being sappy and the overall balance is really nice. The hook is catchy. I listened to it again, mostly because I enjoyed it that much.

Lovely intro. Great melody. Strong lead vocal and excellent use of backing vocal and reply vocals. Extremely catchy and lovely chord changes. An engaging song. Nice change for the bridge and an effective outro. Beautifully recorded. This is one of those songs that sounds better with repeated listening. Great sound quality. The song is reminiscent of David Gates/Bread.

Solid production! Arrangement is great and the vocals are spot on.

Nice harmonies, very well balanced with the lead vocals.

Overall the mix blew me away - if not done by a dedicated mixing pro I'd be surprised and somewhat disenchanted with my own efforts!

Best tune I've reviewed in my brief time here, keep up the work!

This is a really nice, open and honest song. The lyrics are refreshing and fun and endearing. The music and the arrangement are groovy. This is an awesome song.

I really enjoyed the doubled and layered vocals throughout. Nice arrangement and well executed song.

Starts right out sounding similar to Sleepy Jean by the Monkeys. The simplicity of the lyric and music in 1st verse makes this an easy listen. I like the harmony vocals when it hits the hook area. Nice change of pace with the middle section. Also like the chord progression through that section. Unexpected chord changes are cool. I also like the last verse with harmony vocals. Lead vocal is smooth, instrumentation fits the genre. Overall the production is very well done - love your take on the panning of elements in the mix.

Nice to hear something mixed very well. I think you must be trying to make Mr. Carpenter jealous.

It reminded me of the Spy Who Shagged Me and The Goodbye Girl. It's not bubblegum, but I wouldn't quite describe it as rock, either. I'd probably go with 60s party pop. The very first thing that popped into my head was To Sir With Love, but that wasn't quite right. The Kinks popped into my mind next, so maybe the Kinks meet the Dave Clark Five, Herman's Hermits and the Monkees, and a bit of Bread, but more modern. It made me smile right away. That's unusual.

This is a wonderful Pop tune!! It could play in a Hall Mark Sunday night movie, it would be perfect. The drums might be a slight over powering in several places, but the feel, melody, lyrics are PRO! This Tune-Smith knows how to compose a Commercial song for sure, wish we'd written this gem!! Can't wait to hear your next outing!!

Great song. I love it

Lyrics John Walradt Music John Walradt
Producer John Walradt and Clay Collins Publisher John Walradt
Performance Clay Collins
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