We Didn't Have Time Enough

Story Behind The Song

Standing in a cold phone booth on a November day, a short lived love comes to an end.

Song Description

A short love affair comes to an end.

Song Length 4:47 Genre Folk - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Heartbreaking, Poignant
Subject Breaking Up, Seasons Similar Artists Edie Brickell, Denise Nouvion
Language English Era 1970 - 1979


On a misty cold November day
These phone booths are so cold
Please answer me.
But I hardly know what I can say
Always seems to go that way
Can you hear me?
We didn't have time enough
That helpless feeling came too soon
We didn't have time enough to know.

Don't tell me
I don't want to know why
That feeling went away
It went so quickly.
And the things we said melted away
Like the snow in early May
Gone forever, oh no.
We didn't have time enough
That helpless feeling came too soon
We didn't have time enough to know.

God knows it's hard enough to protect yourself
If you easily give yourself away.
There's something deep and special inside of me
And I gave it to you but you threw me away.

Does it matter who brought it on?
I just don't know where to start
To pick myself up.
All I know is the empty pain I feel
In the morning it's just to real, just too real.
We didn't have time enough
That helpless feeling came too soon.
We didn't have time enough to know.
We didn't have time enough
That helpless feeling came too soon.

Nice pace, nice overall vibe and I like the phrasing. Nice "highs" in the vocal. I like the minor chord progressions. Quality song for sure. Kudos.

I love your song and how you sing it. the way you sing reminds me of Joni Mitchel. Beautiful lyrics. Well done.

Some Reeaaal Niice fingerpickin and singing! Like the stop! Good Work! Dynamic!

Nice vocal and guitar. Good mix.

A deep, dramatic voice gives the song a special charm and mood. Artistic text. Harmony shimmering with rainbows. You feel all the experiences from the first notes, the chorus remains in your memory. Very beautiful and breathtaking!

Loved the vocal and general vibe

Really well done tune. Beautiful voice and the acoustic guitar sounds heavenly and the lyrics are very touching.

Guitar playing is professional. Well played. The song is both sad and happy. For this reason, it would be suitable for a wide variety of films. I liked the singer's voice. However, I did not understand all the lyrics. Overall, this is a great song.

Terrific song - great lyrics and great vocal - well done. I love the chord structure and originality of the melody. You are a fine guitarist and songwriter. I can hear Joni Mitchell and even Paul Simon influences here - that's not a criticism - indeed quite the opposite! Looking forward to hearing more of your work.

Singer has a nice quality to her voice, very pleasing. Interesting melody and song structure. Good sound on the acoustic guitar. The longer I listen the more I like it. Great job in weaving the melody into the song, with good solid lyrics. Modern sound and feel. Very nice song I really enjoyed it. The song moves so well through all of its changes, very impressive.

Lyrics John Walradt Music John Walradt
Producer John Walradt Performance Liv Clark (vocal), Martin Rodriguez (guitar)
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