Welcome to my dark little corner of Broadjam. Although the vast majority of my music is dark and Gothic in nature, I write in all genres. All music written, performed, arranged, recorded, mix, produced and mastered by Scott Jordan.
Ravensong is:
Scott Jordan ........Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Scott Jordan........Bass Guitar
Scott Jordan........Piano and all Keyboards (also various odd sounds and noises)
Scott Jordan.......Programmer all percussion and live drums
Scott Jordan.......Vocals and Lyrics

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My muse seems to have taken a ve

My muse seems to have taken a very dark turn indeed "The Pit"

About Ravensong

Ravensong is a pipe dream, An unreachable Ideal, a quest into the dark and unknown spirit of humanity. My music is real, my music is from the heart and from the soul and is always true as they are written to felt and experienced within the range of human psyche. If you are looking for shiny colorful soap bubbles that are empty of any true meaning you wont find them here, there is already plenty of that in the music world. I will give you true, honest and meaningful music to be approved or not at your
discretion. Best of luck to all on this site and never stop writing.

Scott Jordan/Ravensong

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Chet Nichols
2 weeks ago to Ravensong

Thanks for the 5-Stars for "Flying My Pyramid"..... Glad you liked it!


1 Replies
2 weeks ago

Hey Chet enjoyed the listen, thanks for sharing. Scott

allison bolton
over 30 days ago to Ravensong

thanks for your review of some kind of lover

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

My pleasure, great song

Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to Ravensong

Thanks for the stars on I'm Taking Care Of Me brother!

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

Hey great song Warren. Love it.

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Clean Clean

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