I enjoy writing catchy pop songs and arranging them.

By the way, in my Latest News, I look for fun things to talk about: trivia, geek tricks, and I enjoy featuring you and your songs.

Remember to stay safe! We need to pull together!

Latest News

Hi, Catsters!
mPHATic has a great song, "Freedom Road," and asks if you can guess the instruments. They'll surprise and delight you. It's great listening with a wonderfully uplifting message you can take with you. Go over and listen!

I'm keeping myself busy remixing some songs and delighted with what I have learned in just nine months! "Equal!" and "The Most of Nothing" are my latest remixes. YOU CAN DO THIS, TOO! Just dive in. It seemed big and crazy at first but it was fun. The concepts are coming together now! 
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Bob Bentley
4 days ago to John Walradt

Equal is a great mix John, I agree with Warren that the vocal is top notch. Good luck with it.
P.S. Our collab will get my attention in the next few days. Hard to believe but my latest "excuse" is I had a back spasm on Monday which is only just clearing up - seems I'll do anything to avoid buckling down and doing things!!!
P.P.S Have just let your songs play as I'm typing this - you have some very fine songs my friend.

Looking forward to getting on with things....

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John Walradt
4 days ago

Back spasm...ouch!!! You certainly need time to take care of that, Bob. I've run into muscular problems in my back and narrowing of nerves around my neck. Thank you very much for visiting my songs and for the vote of confidence! That makes my evening a lot better! John

Bob Bentley
4 days ago

Thanks John.

Warren Hein
6 days ago to John Walradt

Hey John! Damn nice remix etc on Equal...LOVELY WORK...I'd still cut about 1/2 of the piano break, because the guitar comes in nicely to support it and the upcoming vocal, but hell, that's being too picky...
KUDOS! Jenny sounds quite good in this one for sure!

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John Walradt
6 days ago

Thank you, Warren! I'm glad to know you listened and really noticed. That's interesting about cutting some of the piano break. That could help keep the action going on a high in the song. I'll listen for that while I try out a very slight refinement. John

John Walradt
6 days ago

I just listened to Jenny's "Butterfly" again, Warren. I see you have. I think that is Jenny's finest song. It's just beautiful and elegant. I was sorry to see her pretty much leave Broadjam.

6 days ago

I had a listen good work John, while typing to you and Jim I listened to your playlist some nice tracks..I dropped some starts!! cheers!

3 weeks ago to John Walradt

Hi John,
Thank you for listening and adding the stars for "Betrayal ~ with Trinity"! We appreciate your support.

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