The Lonely Guitar/ Featuring Stefano,Vocal

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Song Length 4:26 Genre Latin - Tango, World - European
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Frenetic, Enchanting Subject Madly In Love, Relationship
Similar Artists Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan Language English
Era 2000 and later




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Verse 1

I hear the lonely sound of strings in the air
That call me to a lover waiting somewhere
It takes me to a place far away
As the music plays

And I know it's a dangerous game
But I'm drawn to this haunting refrain
I must dance to the beat of my heart
When love calls out my name

Verse 2

My mind keeps telling me I shouldn't give in
Yet I can't stop myself from going again
You are the one who makes my head spin
As our bodies sway

And the rhythm moves passionately
While we dance to this strange melody *(To Coda)
It's the song of "The Lonely Guitar"
That plays from oh so far.


You took my hand and I was lost in a dream
Filled with everything that love should be
As we flew away into the night
Guided by a distant light

I hope that this can't be a dream
And I'm awake and you're here next to me
It is a mys'try that I wish I could know
Before you have to go


I could not resist from the start
When you played the strings of my heart
Open up your arms to my embrace
Feel the blood start to race

It's the fate of a lover's lament
Pretending not to care
What it had meant
That's the song of "The Lonely Guitar"
*When it plays from a far
(Repeat Bridge)

D.S. al Coda (repeat verses one and two - To Coda)


That's the song of "The Lonely Guitar"
When it calls from a far.


The intro section is really nice, sets the mood right away. The basic song and lyrics work well. The intro music is cool enough to bring that section back later for a reprise.

Definitely a transportation did a great job of transporting me to Mexico with castanets, guitar and a truly romantic vibe. This song has a very sexy and seductive feel to night stand or a fling that all started with a dance. These 3 lines are great lyric writing: My mind keeps telling me I shouldn't give in
Yet I can't stop myself from going again
You are the one who makes my head spin.
Another good line about the blood racing.

The instrumental parts are smooth. The vocal need to be raised

cool vocal and the lyrics paint alot of imagery. Love the reference to guitar and of course the guitar track.

Lyrics Felice Kaye-Cooper Music Felice Kaye-Cooper
Producer Dean Bailin, Producer and Arranger,4 Cat's Studio, NYC, NY Publisher N/A
Performance Stefano-vocal/Dean Bailin-Guitar and Musical Arranger/Felice Kaye-Cooper-Piano Label N/A
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