The Game/Featuring Jack Green

Story Behind The Song

A real scorcher of a love shattered ala James Bond....Shaken not stirred:)

Song Description

A modern breakup of a relationship through games played in Cyber Space

Song Length 4:33 Genre Latin - Samba, Pop - Europop
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Distressed, Moving Subject Heartbreak, Unrequited Love
Similar Artists Tom Jones, Harry Connick Jr. Language English
Era 2000 and later


"The Game "

Lyrics by
Felice Kaye-Cooper
(Registered Copyright)


Verse 1

What foolish game did love play
That made you go on your way
Why did you promise that you would alwaye be true

I never thought it would end
We had been lovers and best of friends
You touched my soul, why did you go ( To Coda)
Tears flow from my eyes since you went away

What was "The Game" you played


I felt the warmth in the air
Just knowing that you were here
You held my heart
And made it part of your own

But somehow this couldn't last
And I would long for the past
Don't give into what you feel
Though you may think it's real


Now that you're gone
I will have to move on
And be more wise
Learn to open up my eyes

And from the start
Looking for signs that break your heart
Never to trust a burning kiss
So there is nothing more (left) to miss

But if I should
I'll be the one who is through
Be aware how love can lie
I'll stop myself before the goodbyes

Bridge (eight bars solo)

I'll play "The Game"
But not the same
So if I want to take a chance
I'll be prepared to dance

D.S. al Coda ( Back to beginning, till Coda sign)


I will close my heart and forget your name
That is the way to play The Game"


Delightful, charming and romantic Latin flavored song. I love the upbeat lively guitar and vocals well done to match. Definitely conveyed the mood of the song. I can easily visualize this playing in a movie intro as the credits are rolling across the screen in the introductory scene. I enjoyed this very much.

Lyrics Felice Kaye-Cooper Music Felice Kaye-Cooper
Producer Isaak James/Felice Kaye-Cooper Performance Isaak James/Felice Kaye-Cooper
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