Child Of Mine/Lullaby Featuring Phoebe Blume

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this Lullaby as a tribute to my late mother who would call me "Darling Child Of Mine". It warms the heart and fills the emptly void in both heart and home, Felice

Song Description

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Song Length 2:31 Genre Pop - Lullaby
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Enchanting Subject Love for Child, Baby, Children


Child of Mine (Lullaby)
Lyrics By
Felice Kaye-Cooper

Verse 1

Oh go to sleep may little one
Mama's here until the sun
Don't you worry your sweet pretty head
I am right beside your bed
Sleep my darling Child of Mine
Under the moon lit sky

Verse 2

Go to sleep my little one
There is so much more to come
When I see your face in early dawn
I'm so happy you were born
Go to sleep my little one
Until the morning sun

Chorus (instrumental first 8 bars)

Dream of only happy things
That the sandman will surely bring
This is my lullaby as you close your eyes


The teddy bears and stars so bright
Guard you through the long long night
If you wake I'll be right there
To wipe away your frightened tears

Sleep my darling Child of Mine
Mama is always here
Mama is always here....FADE OUT TO END

Copyright 2011

I love the instrumentation on the intro. Beautifully crafted lyrics. Very nice vocal performance; almost operatic at times, which gives the song a timeless feel. The vocal harmonies are just in the right places A lovely melody. The song has would work well in musical theatre.

This is a beautiful recording. Nice vocal harmonies.

Nice vocal performance.

What stands out the most in this lullaby is, to me, the originality. I loved the instrumentation, the way various parts enter and interact with each other. Nice intro and very appropriate ending, til angel closes eyes. Congrats on that!

Lyrics Felice Kaye-Cooper Music Felice Kaye-Cooper
Producer Felice Kaye-Cooper/arranged by Phoebe Blume Label Phoebe Blume/Vocal, Felice Kaye-Cooper Instrumental
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