Felice Kaye-Cooper is the daughter of Conductor/Arranger Murray Kaye who worked closely with Perry Como, Alan Paul (Manhattan Transfer), Tony Bennett and some of the best in the music business. I have a BA and MA in music composition and theory. I am also a member of BMI, Taxi and have been honored by Billboard Mag for their 2006 Songwriter's Contest,The Great American Song Contest and was honored by BROADJAM in the Top Ten Pop-Classic and Latin category and the Top Ten in the New Jersey Region etal. and most recently in the Latin Spotlight for "The Lonely Guitar", thanks Broadjam fans! Music is going retro and some of the greats are going back to the Great American Song Book. Why not perform something "NEW" that has that retro feel. Stay tuned...It's only just begun.

P,S. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME A SONG MADE YOU CRY? Check out "Why DId I Lose You" with the beautiful vocal of Isaak James!

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The past few weeks have been exciting and rewarding. "Don't Break My Heart Again ' was selected for a project and my new pieces are being received very well by my fellow artists. I guess the hard work is paying off. Thanks Broadjam.


Felice Kaye-Cooper

Music is a wonderful medium for an individual to express their talent. I was fortunate enough to study with some of the great composers, educators and conductors throughout my educational and professional career. Some of them include: Fredrick Fennell (Eastman School of Music, and University of Miami, Fla.), Sarah Caldwell, Glen Draper, Gerald Ross (NYU), Professor De Mille (NYU); and most of all my late father Murray Kaye, conductor, arranger, recording artist and excellent musician.

My name is Felice Kaye-Cooper. I was born into a musical family and exposed at an early age to many aspects of music and show business. From my grandfather, who played trumpet, to my dad, a percussionist and vibraphonist, I was always involved in the world of music. As I grew up, I won talent contests, did my share of club dating, performance, taught all aspects of music in junior and senior high schools in New York, and New Jersey, gave piano lessons and coached vocalists. However, my first love was always composition, whether for theatre, film, pop culture, or the piano forte.

I studied and wrote for classical piano, though I had an extensive background in popular music to explore that came very naturally to me. Being classically trained, I composed concertos, preludes and Chacone (theme and variations) but tended to lean towards Broadway theater and popular music. My educational background consists of a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts through my studies at Miami University, Long Island University, and New York University in musical theory and composition; and music education.

As I mentioned, my father musical conductor and arranger, influenced me greatly. He worked closely with Perry Como, Jackie Gleason, Cab Calloway, Tito Puente, Tony Bennett, Alan Paul who later became a member of the "Manhattan Transfer" and many, many more top artists. I was fortunate to know Mr. Bennett as a little girl and later on Alan Paul, among other performers. This wonderful exposure to the pop music genre influenced my style of writing and guided my creativity.

The ballad, "Why Did I Lose You" has elements of my entire musical background. It is Neo Classical and yet can hold its own with today's popular culture. From the "Intro" on, the melody line grabs your heartstrings as it ebbs and flows to a driving crescendo towards the musical interlude; accompanied by a very modern Latin rhythm. The lyrics are sensitive, sensual and allow the listener to draw his or her own conclusions to the meaning of the song through their imagination. I think any artist who will perform ?Why Did I Lose You,? cannot help feeling the pathos of the music whether it be for a film score or an individual recording. "The Lonely Guitar" is a show stopper and a very Shakira or Ricky Martin type piece with lots of sensuality and passion with a hot, hot, Latin (tango) rhythm. ?Don?t Break My Heart Again? was written with the hope of a Whitney Houston comeback. It is very different then your typical Pop-R &B songs of today and lyrically is very strong. Rhythmically very groovy.

Music today is making a turn around, which is why so many artists currently are returning to the Great American Song Book; and as they say, "everything old is new again." I have an extensive catalog of different types of material in the pop, rock, country and jazz genres....stay tuned this is just the beginning.

A new announcement. Starburst Records has taken me on to join their musical family. Thanks to Jay Carney for believing in me. Ii hope to make him and Starburst Records proud!On August 22, Starburst will release the first song "The Rain" ft.Jack Green/vocal


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Hi Felice Kaye, just enjoyed your "Into Your Eyes"!
Like your full and expressive Lyrics! (I write Lyrics and music)
Your music sounds ideal for a Show and quite European!
I did not select your song with most plays to hear!
Do you recommend specific songs of yours that I should hear?
(Old or New)

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"Don't Break My Heart Again"/vocal, "Why Did I Lose You"/vocal

Hi. Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed the song. Yes, I guess I lean towards the minor mode a lot. Check out " Why Did I Lose You ", "Gypsy Tango/John Shick pianist " "Don't Break My Heart Again " written for "Whitney Houston". A lot of my music is n Spotify and YouTube. Thanks again. Much appreciated!, Felice

Jim Aitken
2 days ago

No problem Felice Kaye! I will enjoy them and give stars!
Of mine, I recommend "One Night Stand", "The Promise", "I See Her Dancing" and "Dear Jane".
They are not like yours but still to be appreciated for what they are!
Thanks my friend!

I preferrrd the original format. Totally confusing. Will take a while to acquaint myself with it

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Pat Flanakin
over 30 days ago

I Agree

Lovely genre specific lullaby Felice! Very nice work...kudos...

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Thank you. I appreciate your comment, all he best. Felice

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