God Speed

Story Behind The Song

Written after and about the Columbia Space Shuttle accident.

Song Description

Builds slowly into a nice driving groove with subtle and mysterious overtones.

Song Length 4:28 Genre New Age - Progressive, Electronic - Industrial
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Anxious, Poignant Similar Artists Seal, Peter Gabriel
Era 2000 and later

Great tempo on the Intro. Nice New Age tune that is well put together. Pro production.

Nice track. I don't give many perfect scores, but this song deserved it. The song is well put together. The balance of the mix is very nice and the choice of instruments/synths is excellent. The song is not lacking dynamics either. Job well done. I hope to review more songs by this artist!

I liked this track, however, I wasn't sure I could find a consistent melody that I could grasp onto. Liked the use of effects that seemed to drive the music. Also like the buildup.

The song itself has lots of possibilities.

Very cool New Age Piece. Nice R and B Elements along sime cool fusion rythm elements with some exotic and electronic percussion thrown in. The groove is really on for this piece.

This a really unique groove.. I like it....

I like the strong beats set to the slow haunting melody. It has a pleasing come down ambient sound of electronica trance music. This would be a beautiful album cut or an excellent background for a nature, travel, or world culture video.

Sound good!

Would have liked to hear more "lead" instruments, but very marketable...soundtrack oriented...nice work. Interesting use of stell drum sound at the end.

The percussion and bass are really locked into a groove that keeps this moving and when they drop out later in the song it made me sit right up and get reengaged. The recording quality was excellent. The wide timbre of the instrumentation was a great professional choice.

This is a different listen for me but I have enjoyed the different sounds you put together...I could hear a bit of Kitaro in there and he was a favorite of mine years ago.Your weaving in and out was spot on for me and the flute sound I loved..

Loved the patches and vibe. Kind of like Yello, the band. Especially like the change. Also reminds me (as I listen and write at the same time) of a great album by Sandra - Paintings in Yellow - check out that album. You'll love a lot of the music I'm guessing.

Original sounding piece with a nice mesh of instruments and a really powerful presence. Very pleasing to the ears. Really a professional sounding work.

this has a jungle sound to me. the drums are very powerful and moving. reminds me of a trip to somewhere that is a little scary that I want to go to anyway.

Very good bass and rhythm. Very good for sound track tune.

Absolutely great percussion! Nice hook. I think that the idea of the drums carrying the piece works. A great drummer can lead, and drive a group at the same time. Nice center section, sets up a very nice ending theme, which is a great duet. The variety of instruments is pleasing.

A very good mix. I like the arrangement very much. Great listening music. Good rhythm patterns. Nice stuff! Keep it up

This would have a place in TV/Film/Ads!

Great tune!!!!!!!!!!! Nice use of dynamics!! I love the use of sound (different colors)!! This is a great recording!!!

Very effective start attracting attention and the development gets even more interesting and exiting. Your music is full of action and excellent instrumentation, melody. I like contrasting parts and the feeling of the beat stopping and gradually coming back.

Music David N Haddad Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Dave Haddad - John Anonymous
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