Dream of You By DeDe

Story Behind The Song

A poignant and hauntingly beautiful highly unique song: a tribute to memories of growing up and missing the one you love.

Song Description

Written by K. DeClue and DeDe Wedekind, this incredible song has been many years in the making: poetic references to missing the one you love thru reflections over the years. An inspired ode to going off to war, being apart, losing someone you love, and looking forward to a happy and blessed reunion someday...

Song Length 4:21 Genre Country - Americana, Folk - Americana
Mood Content, Poignant Subject Dreams, Loneliness
Similar Artists Taylor Swift, The Band Perry Language English
Era 2000 and later


Dream of You by D. Wedekind & K. DeClue copyright 2015

When you're tired and you're weary
On your way to foreign lands,
Wish I was there to hold your hand
Like I used to,
And if you need to feel some love
Know it's you I'm thinking of
And when God lets you come home
I'll be waiting
Hey hey hey

Your smile's a river I can drink
It gives me hope it gives me strength
And in the evening when I dream
It's always you.
I dream of when I'd watch you play
But now the years have slipped away
And all that's left is the lonesome lullaby.

Too ra loo, Too ral lie
You're my earth my moon my sky
Too ral lie, Too ra loo,
There's nothing I love more than you---
Oh oh oh oh oh ah

If you're tired and you're weary
And your dreams are all the same
And no one knows you're name
Or cares to,
Just remember all the good times
And the ones still to come
Cause bad times slip away
Like the good ones.
Hey hey hey

Your smile's a river I can drink
It gives me hope, it gives me strength,
And in the evening when I dream
It's always you.
I dream of when I'd watch you play...
But now the years have slipped away,
And all that's left is the lonesome lullaby.

Too ra loo, Too ral lie
You're my earth my moon my sky,
Too ral lie, Too ra loo
There's nothing I love more than you-
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh

Too ra loo, Too ral lie
You're my earth my moon my sky,
Too ral lie Too ra loo
And when I dream I dream of you
When I dream, I dream of you.

I can hear Celine Dion singing this in Vegas or as a featured song on Netflix' "Hell on Wheels" with the MacGinnes' mother in Ireland singing to/of her sons in America.
I also could see this song being the theme song on a Netflix series. I consider Netflix as being the new Gold Standard of entertainment (sorry Hollywood).
Overall, I am hugely impressed with this song. DeDe is an amazing talent!

Dear DeDe, this is a really Beautiful, Heart Warming composition, could play in a Hall-Mark Saturday Night Movie. Your voice is Angelic, it's as if the sky has opened up and every last Angel in Heaven has come down to join the Choir!!! Your Band is drop dead spot-on and the choice of instrumentation is Pitch Perfect, really seasoned players with just the right feel for the composition! This is just an exquisite piece of music....GREAT JOB!!!

DeDe is an exceptionally talented singer songwriter. If you haven't heard of her, don't worry, you will very soon!
Chris Keaton

Lyrics Kevin DeClue & Deborah DeDe Wedekind Music DeClue & Wedekind
Producer DeDe Wedekind-Executive Producer with Kevin DeClue Publisher indie - Diva Prince Publishing
Performance DeDe Wedekind Label Self-
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