Marc Silber

Marc Silber

Marc Silber is a versatile singer, songwriter & producer, with his own unique "earthy yet dreamy" style. Although he's mostly known for "progressive pop," Silber also does soul, rock, blues, folk, country, new age and dance music. Each style represents a different version of himself, and he loves doing classic covers in concert, as well.

The "Professor Of Pop" has 13 full-length albums and an EP, which feature a colorful array of well-crafted, catchy crossovers. Silber's new album "Sensation" was released on December 28, 2023.

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I’ve revised the song lineup for my new album, but it should now be final. Targeting to complete and release it in April 2023, with the first single coming out in November 2022. I want this project to be the BIG one & I’m determined to make it REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good!

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Marc Silber is a passionate, versatile singer, songwriter & producer, with an earthy, dreamy, theatrical style. Specializing in "progressive pop" as the "Professor Of Pop", Silber's unique and dynamic style resonates across a variety of audiences. He also loves doing covers in his concerts.

Delving deeply into pop, r&b/soul, dance, rock, folk, indie, blues, country, new age, jazz, classical and more, Marc claims that each musical style emulates naturally and represents a different version of himself.

The "Professor Of Pop" has 13 full-length albums and 1 EP to date, featuring a colorful array of well-crafted, catchy crossovers. His "Silber Essentials" compilation is a balanced package featuring his "core sound", with 3 songs from each album.

Marc's "Like A Lion" EP (2018) embodies an edgier, more dance-oriented sound that contrasts much of his earlier music and emphasizes his determination and energy. His latest full-length album "Sensation" was released in December 2023.



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Koreen Perry
over 30 days ago to Marc Silber

Hey again, Marc. Had a listen to "World of Wonder" and "New Life." Love them! Very different feel from each other :)

2 Replies
Marc Silber
over 30 days ago

Wow....Thanks so much! And even more different is "Ten Years From Now", now in the Top 5 in Folk and #1 in WA! I'm excited!

Koreen Perry
over 30 days ago

Soooo cool! All gonna start paying off :)

Ionut Mirel Udrea
over 30 days ago to Marc Silber

Hi Marc! Thank you very much for the endorsement!!!

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