Prime of Life by DeDe

Story Behind The Song

A personal honest reflection on the changing "seasons" we all experience in life from DeDe Wedekind's new album Dream of You, Released Feb. 2016!

Song Description

Words by D. Wedekind and J. Leone Music by D. Wedekind and J. Leone

Song Length 3:55 Genre Folk - Country, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Content, Composed Subject Life, Change
Similar Artists Adele, Eva Cassidy Language English


Prime of Life words & music by Deborah DeDe Wedekind, music by Joey Leone, Copyright 2015 DeDe Wedekind

V 1 Might have took some time
To get me to this place,
When I look in the mirror
These changes I see,
So hard to embrace.
Yesterday was spring
Came so easily,
Now summer's just a memory.

Its the prime of life
Once again the seasons start to change
But I'm still standing here
A lot of years left for me to live...

V2 Travelin' down this road
I've hit some bumps and breaks
Learned some real hard lessons
Grateful for each friend
Found along the way.
No instruction books
Choices and mistakes,
But at least they were all mine to make.

Chorus: It's the prime of life
Once again the seasons start to change
But I'm still standing here
A lot of years left for me to live....

Instrumental 8 measures....

V3 (Broken Down)
Time with family
A time for everything
Shadows keep getting longer,
Over my shoulder
Sun's about to set.
But I'm okay now
Never stronger,
It's not perfect, but it's as close as it gets...

Chorus-Broken Down:
It's the prime of life
Once again the seasons start to change
But I'm still standing here
A lot of years left for me to live....

Chorus Built Up:
It's the prime of life
Once again the season starts to change
But I'm still standing here,
A lot of years left for me to live...

A lot of love left for me to give,
A lot of love left for me to give.

DeDe, first of all, this genre is totally you (you definitely found your commercial niche, I envy you for that). In this particular song, I found perfect the contrast between verses and chorus/hook. The break/bridge too, it is a real fit in the standards of song structure. On the other side however, it is hard to become original and different while fitting in molds and standards... But the message that the song brings is good and makes me good. Vocals as usual DeDe, top notch: it is a treat to here your tone, your vibrato, your pitch... all is great and professional.

I also liked the flow of lyrics, accelerating some times, slowing down... it constantly renews the attention of the listener. Good point here too.

The only thing I was surprised of, is the absence of vocal harmonies. I know you have done many amazing things with them... Would have been soooo cool towards the ending chorus, when it is building up, to have a few.

Always a pleasure to come back to your catalog. It is a real pleasure DeDe.

Lyrics DeDe Wedekind Music Joey Leone & DeDe Wedekind
Producer DeDe Wedekind Publisher Diva Prince
Performance DeDe Wedekind Label None- Independent
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