Recipe of Love

Story Behind The Song

This is a playful and very sexyl look at physical attraction, falling in love, and the chemistry two people have when they really "sizzle" together, or "cook". ;) Instrumental Only version available. Email DeDe: for more information.

Song Description

DeDe wanted to do a fun laid back Bossa Nova Jazzy song that was similar to Astrid Gilberto's Girl From Impanema. She came up with the lyrics and vocal line, and guitar great, Joey Leone, came up with the melody and the guitar chords and progressions. They collaborated on this song which is highly unique and interesting in that uses a lot of playful "fun" cooking terms like two lovers are making a "recipe of love" together while they are both "cooking".

Song Length 3:19 Genre Latin - Jazz, Jazz - Bossa Nova
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Ecstatic, Blissful Subject Making Love, Attracted, Crush
Similar Artists Astrid Gilberto, Diana Krall Language Multi-Language
Era 2000 and later


Recipe of Love Wedekind & Leone 8-12-15 Final w french

Verse 1: Add a pinch of me
To a splash of you
Simmer not too
Gently Baby,
Let this mixture brew

Mix in some miss me
With a touch of kiss me
Take your time
Slowly now,
Never tell me no.

Verse 2: Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle Baby
I'm so hot for you
If you never
Burn me Sugar,
I'll take good care of you.

Give me, give me
Give me, Honey
All of the above
We've got the right ingredients
For this recipe of love.

Chorus 1: Heat me till I steam
But never forget
No recipe
Is complete
Without a little sweat.

I get drunk on you
With just one look
We're whipping up
Something fine
We're startin to cook.

Verse 3: Drizzle in some naughty
Over just a hint of nice
Head to toe,
All your lovin,
Share your secret spice.

Give me, give me
Give me, Honey
All of the above
We've got the right ingredients
For this recipe of love.

Voici la recette de l'amour
I'm cooking just for you.
Il est vraimont important
Mon recette pour vous.

Pour la recette de l'amour
Cette recette pour vous.
We've got the right ingredients
Just add me and you

Chorus: Give me your honey
Whisper in my ear,
I don't want this to end
Till we're
Satisfied my dear.

Shake me till I'm stirred
Then stir me till I'm bad
I'm so hot and bothered
You're driving me mad

16 Measures Instrumental

Give me, give me
Give me, Honey
All of the above
We've got the right ingredients
For this recipe of love.

Voici la recette de l'amour
I'm cooking just for you.
Il est vraimont important
Mon recette pour vous.

Pour la recette de l'amour
Cette recette pour vous.
We've got the right ingredients
Just add me

Lyrics DeDe Wedekind Music Joey Leone
Producer Kevin DeClue & DeDe Wedekind Publisher Diva Prince Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance DeDe Wedekind Label Diva Prince Productions
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