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Delta Burnett Reed

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World - Celtic | Winchester, New Hampshire, United States
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Member Since: 2011
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Ashley Martin posted 4 weeks ago to Delta Burnett Reed

Hi Delta! Thank you for the 5 stars and your support. I just listened to Ghost Riders, one of my favorite songs. Unfortunately I'm on my phone and it doesn't let me do the stars, so 5 stars later! Cheers, Ash

Delta Burnett Reed posted 4 weeks ago


Peter G Olach - PGO posted over 30 days ago to Peter G Olach - PGO

weekly blood tests, weekly therapy sessions, what's my next step? must admit I am lost and just a bit mystified. how many pictures do they they need tio take of my head to know the brain is still there?

I think therefore I am. NUFF SAID!

Delta Burnett Reed posted over 30 days ago

What is going on....I care!

Peter G Olach - PGO posted over 30 days ago

at first it was thought I had vertigo but turns out to be much more serious a a physical therapist is retraining my eye tubes and ear tubes to stop sending conflicting messages to my brain so I can regain my sense of balance.

time will tell. . .

Peter G Olach - PGO posted over 30 days ago

been also dragging my feet in what I refer to as 'the old man's shuffle'. at first, the concern was I was developing early signs of Parkinson's Disease. GOOD GRIEF!

but, it turns out my feet and ankles are loaded with water and diuretics were prescribed so now I urinate all day. hope it works so I can get back on my feet.

getting older is not for the timid!

Cyndi Corkran posted over 30 days ago

Oh Peter, we all certainly hope that you fare well, with this latest health concern. Sounds like you're receiving good care though, helping you through. Blessings and well wishes!

Greg Lambert posted over 30 days ago

Peter, you are in my prayers. God bless you, and thank you for your involvement in the Bjam community! You are loved and appreciated!

Delta Burnett Reed posted over 30 days ago

I am glad you didn’t have Parkinson’s disease, I just lost a cousin to that disease, and a grandmother, I have the marker but so far I have no signs, Thank God!... I hope you feel better soon. How is your throat coming along? My thoughts are with you this day and send healing vibes as well.

Randal Dunkle posted over 30 days ago

I haven't been on Broadjam for a while Peter - my prayers are with you. You are right about getting old and it's not for the timid - fight the good fight and remember your not alone - many people here on Broadjam are praying to the Lord for you - hope you get better soon!!!

Peter G Olach - PGO posted over 30 days ago

we are a family, call it B'Jam or whatever fancies your heart and soul. truth be told, you have all proved to me we are more than music because you not only listen to our words or music, you listen and encourage our human lives.

your prayers, good thoughts and wishes are a gift, a blessing and have power. may I wish you and yours tenfold in return. your good company as I sort out what comes next; what are my best actions and thoughts; how do I forgive myself for selling off all my instruments?

what a simple joke it is as I have finger jones while reaching for a musical friend I abandoned and is no longer here within my reach nor imagination. that is where the B’Jam Fam comes to the rescue – reminding me I already have decades of music archived, from places I have traveled, of concert stages performed, of brilliant talented collaborators who have shared their individual talents to make my work all the more better.

please, know that I love you for who you are and what you do – believers in a world that will always exist in our creative imaginations. more tests on Friday with the belief that I will come back with my voice and a guitar in my hand.

MEANTIME – I do cherish your kind thoughts, and do wish you and yours TEN FOLD in return.

as always, your friend in music – pgo. . . . .

Peter G Olach - PGO posted over 30 days ago

BTW: please forgive me if I listen to some of my music this night - just blame it on being sentimental - after all, i miss the audience crowded before the stage..

Delta Burnett Reed posted over 30 days ago to Peter G Olach - PGO

Loved the song.....been married so long can't remember that far back, we were babies....still love your delivery on "Damn Dog" one of the funniest song I ever heard....Hope you are doing better....luv!

Delta Burnett Reed posted over 30 days ago to MGB

I see you reviewed my "Thunder Road" it comes from the movie Thunder Road staring Robert Mitchum...he also sang the title song...I have sung the chorus to this song in my head for more years than I care to! I have a log cabin on the plateau of Tenn , so it seemed appropriate to give this song a breath again...again thank you a friend in music.

Delta Burnett Reed posted over 30 days ago

I am trying to catch up on my reviews and I see you also did "Wedding Song" and "500 Miles" thank you for your kind thoughts and liking my work....

Lars, I see you did a review of my classic "Summertime"...I listened to it with my earphones and didn't seem to have a problem that you had. but glad you liked what you heard...I have a contemporary version on my site if you want to give a listen...again thank you. a friend in music.

Delta Burnett Reed posted over 30 days ago to Evan Zappa & The Necessity

Evan, Thank you for the review 'Bang Bang" It was one of those songs that gets in your head and it plays day and night in your head....I finally gave up and recorded it a cappella and my producer supplied the music after... I really needed to get on with my life, that was how bad it was lol! I really like your "Witches Brew" neat song...again thank you for listening...a friend in music.

Evan Zappa & The Necessity posted over 30 days ago

oh man,do i know that feeling of a song earworm you can't get rid of. only way to exorcise it is to fully produce it! lol. you did an oustanding job on this and i'm even more impressed now knowing your recorded it a Capella and your producer added music after the fact. You might consider publishing the vocal only track. I love it when the vocal only tracks are occasionally released for real classic songs way after the fact. Great job Delta! Keep on truckin!

Delta Burnett Reed posted over 30 days ago to Lonnie G

Lonnie I see you got 3 of my songs for review, sorry it has taken me so long to bet back to you. 1st welcome to the BJ family I have been here a number of years and it is a great community.The songs you revised were "All I Have to do is Dream" and all time favorite from my teen years...Now the Day is Over"is a sailors hymn first sang in the 8 bells..Will check on "Ghost Riders" not totally mastered yet...will be before placed on a cd...thanks for the advice...Good luck with your music on BJ...a friend in music.

Delta Burnett Reed posted over 30 days ago

I must say you have been busy reviewing a fair amount of my work..."Erie Canal" and "Hush Little Baby" I grew up near the canal in NY and my chidden walked the toe path in Palmyra NY..."Hush was a lullaby for my granddaughters....glad you liked both and thank you

Delta Burnett Reed posted over 30 days ago to Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat

I see you got 2 of my early celtic story telling songs "Farewell to Tarwathie" and "Hush-a-Bye Darling" I think if I were to do Farewell again I might speed it up a touch...Hush-a-Bye is a Scottish lullaby. So thank you for your time and reviews...a friend in music.

Delta Burnett Reed posted over 30 days ago to Rich Goldin

Thank you for your very through review of my contemporary "Summer Time" I am glad you liked it and if you care to go to my site I have a standard version of the same song....I have song tis song since I was 18 and I won't say how long ago that was!....but the song was recorded a cappella and it was my producer that did the arrangement versions from the same recording for both....Welcome to the BJ family, I hope you do well.....I am a friend in music......

Rich Goldin posted over 30 days ago

Thank you so much for responding to me.

Delta Burnett Reed posted over 30 days ago to StarburstRecords

I looked up and so far I reviewed so far 5 of your songs all great songs....Delta

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