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1) We recently got a song accepted on 164 videos on Tik Tok and 15 songs on youtube and 2 songs accepted by Steezy Studios

2) WE currently have gotten 3 different songs on the top 10 list

3) We just got a new placement with The Show "The World Of Dance" with our most famous song in our library by the artist N.A. AURA Copy and Paste this link below to review the song and World Of Dance Show: https://youtu.be/UldWTxXBmHs
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"Time" is very like a Moody Blues Number!
Five stars! Great sound!

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Thanks Jimbo! You are the best
LC Team

Thanks for the stars on "Before The World Stops Spinnin"! catnip=+=

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You're welcome Patrick! Keep em comin...
LC Team

Appreciate the review and 5's for "Looney Toons". Old tune and recording, have thought of re-recording it but I kinda like the rough edges. As it is it helps to remind me of where I've been, not just in life but also my musical journey.
Thanks again,

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Yes sir, alot of times the rough edges is what makes it sound most authentic!
LC Team

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