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We just got a new placement with The Show "The World Of Dance" with our most famous song in our library by the artist N.A. AURA

Copy and Paste this link below to review the song and World Of Dance Show:

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Hello! THANK YOU For the Friend Request! Do you offer any Licensing Opportunities currently?

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Hi September Passion, Thanks for reachin out! We are not offering any licensing opportunities at the moment but as a publishing entity we do have relationships that may be. Send us some of your music to our DM kink we would love to hear it... Have a great day!
LC Team

Thanks for the nice review of Blues Conversation. The beginning talking part can easily be cut out, and I have an edited instrumental version that does just that.

Thanks for the nice review of "Farmer's Daughter". I appreciate the listen and kind words!

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You're welcome my friend! Thank you for sharin!
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