Songs, musings, ambient improvisations.

J.A.Connor lives in Scotland, his inspiration provided by people , places and worldly observations.

"Cool, real life with sass and snap" - Unisong

"J.A.Connor's song "Drift Away" is a wonderful escape from everyone's daily grind. When listening to it, I found myself imagining in real time all of his great lyrics. It literally removed all stress and anxiety and put me in an amazing relaxed state !! This is a great song. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't feel better after listening to it.
BRAVO J.A.Connor !!! " - Joe Vitale

Timeline Bio

Timeline Decades;

70's- Write my first song entitled "I Remember".
Join the International Songwriters Association.

80's- Touring DJ.

90's- The decade of meeting and being inspired by legends including Willie Nelson, Roger McGuinn, Dick Dale and Ray Davies.

00's- Pushing my own compositions in words and music. Finalist Gold Disc Lyric Contest, semi finalist and highly commended award in U.K. Songwriting Contest.

10's- Celtic Radio number 1 with "Mysterious Lady".
Release of "Somewhere On The Journey", the debut album focussing on the sessions at Offbeat Studios.

Now- Songs signed with Perpetual Music and Top Ten Music.
Work on the new "Karst" project.


So here we are.
From the white suit dreams of a 70's dj.
The inspiration of Roger McGuinn and Willie Nelson.
The remix of the Celtic number 1 a la OMD courtesy of Mal Holmes.
The take it from the thoughts ambient improvisations.
I am j.a.connor and I'm not dead yet.
Let the journey continue.

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TSW - The Song Writers
over 30 days ago to j.a.connor

Thank yoU, BrothA - Much LovE, Trey & Vince

2 Replies
Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago

Hi JAC, Appreciate you taking the time to listen to and give 5 Stars to, "Dear Jane"!
I enjoyed doing it but must give credit to the guitarist who made it fly?

over 30 days ago

Keep 'em coming Jim.
All the best.

Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to j.a.connor

Thanks so much j.a. for listening to my new one Letter To The Lord, and the playlist add, have a great new year!

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

All the best Warren.

Delta Burnett Reed
over 30 days ago to j.a.connor

j.a. Thank you for the 5* stars on my "MARY HOW COULD YOU HAVE KNOWN" in love of music....Delta

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

You're very welcome.

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