Wonder Boy(KaytLynn)

Story Behind The Song

I was introduced by chance to KaytLynn Skai, a very talented young singer. The character in this song is vividly brought to life with her blend of shy yet hauntingly beautiful vocals. I am grateful for her performance. I also am grateful to Wolfgang Grasekamp, my producer, who greatly enhanced the song, as he does with all of my songs. This song was a lot of fun to put together.

Song Description

remake of Wonder Girl. In this inverted version, it is a girl wondering about her "Wonder Boy" that she observes from afar. The lyrics for Wonder Girl were fluid enough to lend itself to this alternate version.

Song Length 3:16 Genre Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful Subject Attracted, Crush


Verse 1

I've been looking at you, looking at me noticing you
You've got just the right view, for noticing me looking at you
And I wonder, wonder and I wonder boy
I look at you and I wonder boy

Chorus 1

Would you break my heart into two, if I took a big chance
and walked up to you
Would you take me up to the stars, we'd have heaven on
earth, or heaven on mars

Verse 2

I know nothing 'bout you, can you give me a signal,
a hint or two
If you looked deep in my eyes, would you find a true love
or just a pocket of lies
and I wonder, wonder and I wonder boy
I look at you, I just wonder boy

Chorus 2

Would I throw your heart in the fire,
if you let me love you with my burning desire
Would you take me up to the stars,
we'd have heaven on earth, or heaven on mars
Would you make me breakfast in bed,
or would you steal all the covers, and wake me instead
Would you take me up to the stars,
we'd have heaven on earth, or heaven on mars

Verse 3

But I'm too shy to talk to you,
not even a word, not even a few
And I don't dare walk up to you,
I don't have the nerve to make my big move
So I guess I'll look for another boy
I'll keep on searching for my wonder boy

Final Chorus

Would he take me up to the stars,
we'd have heaven on earth or heaven on mars
Would he love me up to the sky
I don't even know how, I don't even know why
Would he make me breakfast in bed,
or would he steal all the covers,
wake me instead
Would he take me up to the stars,
we'd have heaven on earth or heaven on mars


I'll keep on searching for my wonder boy
I wonder, wonder if you're my wonder boy

Starts out very bare bones, but clear. Love it! The voice contrasts with the bare bones feel, very smooth and surprisingly high-quality. The song bounces between a solo female vocal and male/female duet. I love it when it transitions into a Burt Bacharach-esque break! :) Very charming track!

instant likability , vocal is so unique , great phrasing , unusual Melody that makes this song a "play again" song for me, just a lovely song to listen to , reminds me of the simple songs of the 60s that had a magic about them and you felt good listening to them.

I was instantly attracted to this song by the lead vocal , which is quite charming .
The song builds up nicely to the chorus , and kept me interested
until the end .

Very nice tone from the vocalist and then the harmony comes in, very sweet. Piano has a great rolling sound to it. Really digging the melody and the overall progression and vibe. this is very well written and recorded. Most impressive song. I really enjoyed it a great deal. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Can you go for some fluffy teenybopper pop? Damn right you can, and this song gives you your money's worth and then some! A sprightly memorable melody that you can hum and sing and everyone knows what it is...now that's a simple yardstick for a great song. Know what else sells this tune? The sweet high quivering vocals that will take you back to your first few crushes! What teen couldn't relate to that? The storybook style of lyrics follow the delightful bounce of each note. Starts with sparse instrumentation and carries the simple instrumentation through that compliments the vocals. The song ends with the seemingly endless longing for that true love...and you remember what that was like!

A very enjoyable song to listen to - kudos! A beautiful vocal over some catchy and playful melodies!

I like this a lot. the vocalist a lot

A beautiful song, with beautiful lyrics and a beautiful voice. I really enjoyed this track and was singing along towards the end. It has a catchy hook, a sweet melody, lovely piano and flute. Female vocals reminded me a bit of that of Sara Watkins from Nickel Creek, who I love- candy for the ears!

Sweet sentiment illustrating a universal subject matter.

A nice almost duet styled acoustic-based folky singer-songwriter vibe with a real warm-hearted spirit in the music, melody, vocals and overall approach.

Very cute and well made piece with pleasing vocals and a very original sound.

Lyrics Randall Mark Music Randall Mark
Producer Wolfgang Grasekamp Performance lead vocals-KaytLynn Skai, guitar-Randall Mark, accompanyment-Wolfgang Grasekamp, background vocals-Miles Swigart

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