Jim Aitken is relatively "late to the table" as someone who writes his own lyrics and accompanying music. His Songs are brought to life by Select and Great Artists! "The Promise", won "The Muse Songwriters" monthly Lyric Competition and achieved Finalist. In the UKSC! The Lyric, "Sunset" was also Finalist in the UKSC! It has still to be Recorded and Released! Other songs have achieved Semi Finalist status over the last two years. Jim leans towards songs with a story! E.g. Leonard Cohen and Gordon Lightfoot). Tim Patterson, on Broadjam, brings the (more Country Style) songs to life! "Reach The Sky", "My Last Farewell",  "One Night Stand" and, “I See Her Dancing”!   Kimberley Dunn elevates the songs, "The Promise", "Drift Away" and "One Night Stand" so beautifully! "Covid started a Journey Jim wishes to continue"

Latest News

"One Night Stand" is selected by Three Companies and now under consideration for tv programs, Playlists and advertising.
“Sunset" , “The Promise" and “Drift Away" we’re Finalists in UKSC.
In 2021/22 Dallas Songwriters Contest "The Promise" was in the (Last Eight).
“Drift Away” Lyric Video was on US tv Mothers Day Special!
Robert Warren, San Diego has, “Dear Jane” on his CD, “Seven Corners”; Released in April this year.
My, ”I See Her Dancing” (Allyson Briggs, Resident Artist at “Tavern on the Green, Central Park) is on, Women Of Substance Podcast, Nov.
”One Night Stand” (Feat: Kimberley Dunn) has entered the Canadian CICC Top Hundred!
“Dear Jane” Feat:Tim Patterson has just achieved Six No. 1 placings on Broadjam!
My, I See Her Dancing” (Tim Patterson) is a Romantic Story!
Enjoy it if you haven’t already
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John Walradt
2 weeks ago to Jim Aitken

Hi, Jim. I heard "Dear Jane" on the Hot 100 and got the high mark from me. It is one of the few superb songs. Thank you for the five stars on "Comes and Goes." I'm glad you like it. Bob Bentley did a wonderful job of producing it. He did all the instruments and arranged it. My guess is that you're headed for cool and cloudy days now. When I look at the street level of Microsoft Maps, Scotland has such lovely meandering roads made for slower driving. John

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Jim Aitken
2 weeks ago

Good to hear from you John! Yes, I love driving the twisty meandering country roads, off the main highways.
I have my music and others on a stick and turn the volume up when driving.
Car speaker quality is great!
Thanks for supporting Dear Jane!
It is presently on Hugs radio playlist!
I enjoy hearing the vast array of creativity on Broadjam.
Yours, no less!
Take care, Jim

Delta Burnett Reed
over 30 days ago to Jim Aitken

Jim, Thank You for 5* on "One Time We Cared" this is a cover of Art and Margie Corey song, a BJ members from California again thank you...in music 🎶🎶🎶Delta

over 30 days ago to Jim Aitken

Nice song

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Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago

Thanks Mr Carroll!
Is it the upbeat version with Tim you like or the folk version from Bob Warren?

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