Australian singer/songwriter Jenny McGregor has touched the hearts and minds of many with her meaningful lyrics and a voice that sings with pure and raw emotion. Originally from Scotland, she now lives in Sydney, Australia. She is a pianist, composer and music producer.

Jenny released her first album, Love and Let Go, in 2018 based on her journey losing her son. It is available for free to any bereaved parent with all proceeds going to the charity, Red Nose.

Whilst studying Arts and Music in London, Jenny taught herself guitar and started song-writing. She's performed in Musicals and toured with many popular children's stage shows.

She is currently producing her own music, for her project The Wake Up Call. She enjoys working with electronic beats and synthesizers (influenced by her childhood love of Enigma and Deep Forest), however she is keen to try and produce in a variety of genres.

Latest News

I have created The Wake Up Call as a place to share music that I have written and produced (to listen and download for free visit The music from this project is about Self development, Empowerment & Spiritual Awakening.

I've been teaching myself to produce my own music/sounds using Logic Pro and these tracks are the result of that work. I create from an open-hearted space, where I experiment with sounds and allow the process to guide me as I go.


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Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to Jenny McGregor

Hey Jenny McGregor, listening to your song, "Crossroads", terrific tune, has an Alanis Morissette feel! 5 Stars & Likes!!
Would love to connect with you thru Broad Jam Buddies, have some tunes you might possibly enjoy""
Toodles, Stay Safe & Sport a Mask, just for Shit's & Giggles!!
The Corey's............

Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago to Jenny McGregor

So relaaaxing! I had to shake myself awake as it ended!
Superb vocals and authentic nature intro from birds etc. Drift Away Hook was extremely effective!
Nice one Jenny!
Noticed the Title, "Drift Away" on perusing!
Same as one of my songs.
I was intrigued how someone else portrayed it!
Completely different, but as emotionally perfect I think! Thanks, jim

Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to Jenny McGregor

Dear Jenny McGregor, just heard your very creative composition, "Love Over Fear", really pushing the envelope with this tune! 5 Stars & Likes!! It's really neat to see other Broad Jam members compose really original material!! Great Job! WE would be honored to become Broad Jam Buddies with you & Connect! We have some pretty unique songs, that might interest you??
Margie & Art Corey.....

1 Replies
Jenny McGregor
over 30 days ago

Hi Margie & Art Corey, thanks so much for your amazing feedback and 5 stars of Love Over Fear- I appreciate it so much. Yes it is a bit "out there"- glad you appreciated it. Sorry for my lack of communication and support to your page. To be honest I have not really been online much at all. In fact it was a reminder email from Broadjam that got me back on and deciding to upload another track. Defo keen to continue as Broadjam buddies and I certainly will check out more of your stuff when the time comes up. Kind regards Jen :)

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