Between The Raindrops

Story Behind The Song

Written 3 years ago, I didn't give it much thought. Through some lyrics in it. I kind of forgot about the song and did not think it was one of my better songs. Then KaytLynn Skai sang it with me and the song really came to life. I got it produced and I really like how it came out!

Song Length 2:49 Genre Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Tears falling down, trapped in between all the raindrops
Fear swirling round, resting whenever the wind stops

Hope rides on the wings of the eagle that soars above the mountains
Love, wonderful things in infinite dreams, have you found it
All of the world is just a beautiful pearl, look around it

Don't turn aroung, keep on walking til you make it
Peace can be found, with every step that is taken

Lyrics Randall Mark Music Randall Mark
Producer Jeff Berkley Performance KaytLynn Skai-vocals
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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